An Architects Design Freeze

Concept Virtual Design on March 1, 2024

Concept Virtual Design’s are used to working with private client new builds and developers throughout the south of England, mainly at a preliminary architectural design stage. This means that our design experts have the ability to move and adjust room sizes and doorways to create the very best in class bathroom visual layouts before an architectural design freeze. Typically an architectural design freeze refers to the point in the project where the whole design is finalised and no further changes are made without significant impact and cost.

A design freeze is a critical milestone that marks the transition from the design phase to the construction phase ; overall this is a strategic decision to balance creativity with practical considerations between the client and architect prior to main contractor / builder tender stage. By appointing Concept’s architectural bathroom design services at a pre-build stage, we can ensure that you see each bathroom carefully created and visualised to a high detailed level. This means that any architects indictive plans can be adjusted to reflect professional design layouts by luxury bathroom experts, prior to a committing to a full design freeze too early in the process.

Our service will benefit a client by helping to make informed decisions, understanding what the finished rooms would actually look like, rather than just an indicative line plan. By incorporating our expert creative input, in depth knowledge and technical overview, we can increase both an architects and a clients project satisfaction by enhancing communication and collaboration at this early stage.

The following projects have all benefited from our early involvement and attention to detail together with full M&E technical specifications and budget costings – 

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