Bathroom Colour Coordination

One of Concept’s specialist areas that we’re extremely proud of is our colour coordination work for statement bathrooms. Our professional in house design team are experts in piecing together the perfect combination of finishing touches that bring together a room for a truly breathtaking aesthetic. Our decades of experience with luxury interior designers and developers and our wealth of knowledge of the high end market place means we can design with an expanse of products that perfectly work, while complimenting the colours and flow of a space. A gorgeous vanity bowl and vanity unit frame for example, can be sumptuously toned by the right luxury tiling accent to create a truly opulent timeless feel.

Creative Colour Coordination

Whether the colour coordination be for a bold, bright and invigorating master bathroom to inspire and energise the start of the day, or a more neutral, calming and nature-inspired ensuite for a slower, unwinding and stress-easing environment, Concept offer a luxury virtual design service, putting together creative and bespoke designs for high end renovations or luxury new builds. Our award-winning design studio demonstrates the exceptional quality of the products we work into our designs, and our exciting portfolio speaks for itself with the successes of past projects.

Creative Colour Coordination

To find out how we can help create our statement bathroom projects together, simply send us a message and our design team will come back to you as soon as possible with an overview of your project . If you have architectural plans or room sizes to send through this would be very helpful in order that we can see the space plan area.

Creative Colour Coordination

Our Latest Bathroom Display Areas

Our Showroom Makeover

As lockdown dictated the opening hours of so many businesses, our team of expert interior designers and installers put the time to good use, designing and completing several brand new display areas in our showroom to showcase the latest in bathroom styles and finishes from our leading high end suppliers. We utilise our years of experience in this industry to bring together on trend products with timeless, sophisticated designs for luxury homes.

Our Showroom Makeover

We are specialists in the layouts and design of luxury bathrooms, incorporating intelligent lighting and the use of clever storage to provide an exceptional finish in the home that envelops style, wellbeing and easy living into one exquisite package that oozes decadence. We often begin working on a project before it is out of the ground, allowing us to advise on door and wall positions that optimise the functionality and space of a bathroom.

Our knowledge of the market allows us to colour coordinate the latest sanitaryware products with the desired feel, style and functionality of the room. We can design the space to include features such as hammam saunas, luxury his and hers showers and fabulous steam rooms for those exquisite wellbeing enhancers.

Our Showroom Makeover

Our team have extensive knowledge of the latest colour palettes and how to work those into statement en-suites, master bathrooms or high end cloakrooms where opulence meets sophistication with our professional expertise and dedicated design team who will work closely with architects and interior designs to create and source exactly the right products for a sumptuous finish to any project

Our award-winning showroom with the latest 2020/ 2021 finishes is now open for business by appointment, simply email our team with your project requirements and we will get back to you straight away, whether you are looking for your beautiful bathroom project refurbishment or perhaps luxurious creativity and layering in a new build development.

Our Showroom Makeover

Statement Cloakrooms Of Pure Luxury

Luxury Cloakrooms

When guests visit your luxury home, one of the most important rooms they may see is a cloakroom where the opportunity to create something special simply must be taken. Sumptuous decor here can create a really unexpected breathtaking statement, with high end finishes and luxury detailing necessary to take these spaces to the next level.

Our design team have expertly designed and created these statement cloakroom projects for some of our luxury private client new builds, where a high end luxury feel is a real opportunity for exploring our wealth of knowledge of the market, the latest trends and styles that will bring together a design that oozes opulence, extravagance and sophistication.

Luxury Cloakrooms

To put together such an opportunistic area, creative lighting and the optimal use of space can focus the eye on the movement of the decor, the fine veins within marble or glass decor basins for example, or the glisten of a feature tile that sparkles as you cross the floor. Such attention to detail can really heighten the experience of walking into a room and finding yourself captivated by the way the decor actually makes you feel. Our designs aren’t labelled “statement” for no reason!

Luxury Cloakrooms

The high end finishes that our team are professionals in blending into such luxurious spaces, can add a touch of elegance and joy to the functionality of the room. With a cloakroom there is license to go beyond the sensible, to be more creative and adventurous in what it can offer, and to be part of the extravagance. Fittings, lighting and accents don’t need to conform to the everyday, they can be unique!

High End Bathroom Fittings For Luxury Projects

Attention to detail is an essential part of high end design and one we take particular pride in at Concept Virtual Design. Luxury fittings and fixtures are carefully and meticulously worked into our plans for decadent bathrooms that really make a statement within a home. Concept’s in house design team will think outside the box to bring a touch of opulence – taps can be functional and a work of art, for example.

Concept have a vast knowledge of the market and the latest products and ranges that can transform a high end new build or luxury private client project into a timeless space that oozes opulence and class. The perfect take on modern luxury can be embodied in sophisticated fittings that combines aesthetic and functionality in reflective creativity. These exclusive high end ranges offer intricate, exceptional designs where pure talent has been poured into the creation of careful angles, harmonious lines and exquisite materials. Beauty can be found in everyday objects and in everyday routines.

View some of our latest projects here concept virtual design.

Exquisite fixtures and fittings from the latest product ranges from the market are extensively researched and added to Concept’s designs, providing an elegant range of options that will elevate statement bathrooms. If brought on board to a project from an early stage, advice can be given on the positioning of doors and walls to allow for the perfect optimisation of the space. This means we can perfectly design a bathroom to flow beautifully within the space, working both practically and aesthetically.

Bathroom Lighting Design

At Concept we specialise in luxury bathroom designs, our projects below integrate the latest technology, materials and styles to create beautiful, timeless designs that ooze sophistication and opulence. But elegant designs need to be carefully lit to illuminate the decadence with the right ambience.

Penthouse en-suite bathroom

Bathroom lighting and reflective surfaces are an integral part of luxury bathroom design at Concept, so we often work with lighting consultants and interior designers to optimise our project designs. We integrate the latest lighting technology to provide intelligent, creative solutions that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom space.

Clever lighting will add to the spacious, open feel of a bathroom, illuminating reflective and mirror surfaces to create more decadent movement to an area. Concept work with high end finishes, perfectly complementing them with specialised lighting for the ultimate in sophisticated design. Our in house team often start design works at an early stage of a project and work alongside architects and M&E consultants, to provide the best advice possible to optimise the space and design flow.

Stunning First Class Development – Shower Room 1

With our design style, functionality and aesthetics can work together in stunning luxurious harmony . Contact our design team today for an initial discussion about your project. View some of our latest projects here concept virtual design.

Statement Glass Decor Mosaics

Statement Mosaics

Decor is a canvas for creativity, inspiration and exploration. The depth of detail can transport a person hundreds of miles away from their home. It can change the balance of their mood. It can undo the stress of a day and it can shift the way the world is perceived.

Statement Mosaics

Everyone uses their bathroom space several times a day. It’s where you prepare in the morning, and it’s where you set up for your rest at night, so it makes sense that the decor can influence how you feel and how you set up your expectation of what the day will bring and how you will handle it.

For Spa and Wellness Areas, an exciting way to bring a certain mood to a space is with glass decor mosaic, to create accents that ooze a high end feel while enhancing the atmosphere of the space. These can be back-lit and illuminated to provide the lighting that can relax or invigorate the soul at the end or beginning of the day.


Statement Mosaics


These luxurious glass tiles are versatile and textured, ideal for surrounding top of the range fittings and fixtures, turning these into focal points or flowing movement within the space. The range of colours offers decadence and the option to bring in sophisticated brightness where the atmosphere can be directed to employ a natural mood enhancing feel. View one of our latest case studies for concept virtual design here.

The canvas is limited only by imagination. Concept harnesses the power of this alongside their knowledge of the market, trends and styles to create timeless, high end bathroom designs that offer exceptional quality for statement homes.

The black and white colour palette

The world today is so full of colour you sometimes need to bring back the basics to ensure the latest trends and styles are enhanced, giving a timeless design to a room. At Concept, our projects are meticulously planned using our colour visual interior design service, to ensure effortless colour coordination and interior design throughout a bathroom.

Bold, eye-catching colours have their place but sometimes less is more, utilising the starkness of a black and white colour palette you can enhance the features of a room or create a canvas for statement pieces to shine through.

By using a black and white colour scheme within a bathroom you can create a crisp opulent design with bold lines providing a level of movement to the room. Our colour visual design service ensures a design that is influenced by the latest designs and styles while providing a timeless elegant finish that blends seamlessly with the rooms features.

Visit our projects page to view our latest work where we provided client advisory colour coordination and interior design services. These projects benefited from our early design input and colour visual design service to create carefully designed bathrooms and finishes for clients

Call or visit Concept’s in house design team today.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

berkshire bathroom


One of Concept’s latest projects has been in Berkshire, where we worked with a luxury developer and his specialist team on twelve luxury new build apartments . Concept created and supplied these exceptional bathrooms to a very high level of finish with elegant storage solutions.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

Here our in house design team focused particularly on technical sanitary ware knowledge for a timeless style that integrated with top quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring each finishing touch is in keeping with the high end specification and the timeless style of the space.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

We often begin our design work before the building comes out of the ground, utilising our knowledge to advise on door and wall positions that optimise and influence the space available, allowing our in house design team to create truly spectacular designs that ooze opulence and create an inviting atmosphere.

Concept design and supply high end bathrooms for luxury new developments, private client projects and office renovations into top quality apartments. Talk to us today for more information on our detailed design service.


THG Paris – Luxurious Bathroom Finishes

THG Paris - Luxurious Finishes

Concept Virtual Design work only with the top designers to bring you the highest quality finish to your luxury development or private client projects. One such designer is THG Paris, they scrupulously select top quality semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, onyx, optical glass and natural marble to create exceptional pieces for any luxurious bathroom project. THG Paris has resolutely timeless luxury and art of living.

The balance between the modern edge and traditional designs mean that these high end finishes will be a timeless addition to any room. The range of finishes available means that each individual piece can be perfectly matched for your requirements and our in-house design team can help you find and design the perfect style of finishes to suit your luxury project or development.

THG Paris - Luxurious Finishes

These luxurious finishes can bring together any hi end bathroom, the unique features bring classic designs and styles into the modern day while still exuding the aura of wealth and sophistication they were initially designed for.

Luxury tap and shower fittings can be used as a bold statement or to tie together the styling of a luxury development, the choices are endless. To help you find the perfect match, we offer an “Architectural Bathroom Project A3 Colour Virtual Design and Specification Service”, in which our dedicated in-house design team will work with private client projects, luxury developers, architects, main building contractors and interior designers, to set out and style your luxury development or private client refurbishment project.

THG Paris - Luxurious Finishes

Our in-house design team are available for consultations by appointment and are often consulted at the start of an architectural design or building process to ensure that the space created is optimised from the beginning ensuring the most luxurious space possible. To find out more about how our in-house design team can help enhance your project, please contact us and arrange to visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Stunning Bathroom Designs for Luxury Apartments

Current trends and designs for your luxury developments

Concept Virtual Design is dedicated to bringing you the most current trends and designs for your luxury development. We work closely with GROHE, a quality design manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative water products. GROHE believe that you should have the freedom to express your individuality and have created outstanding designs and exclusive colours to facilitate this. Using their bold colour options you can create an inspirational designer statement in any luxury apartment.

GROHE offer premium products that are inspired by their two high quality finishes: a classically elegant polished surface and a modern pure brushed surfaced, both of which are available for their 10 different colour options, to let you express your ideas your way. The brushed cool sunrise finish on the shower and taps above, in this luxury apartment contrast with the black and white features, creating an aura of luxuriousness.

Current trends and designs for your luxury developments

The polished nickel finish which can be seen in this luxury apartment is a more subtle finish but it can brighten and add a sophisticated finish to any bathroom. The sleek finish to these taps give a contemporary feel to this bathroom with a hint of a classic twist without using the a normal chrome finish that can be found in many bathrooms.

For a more elegant timeless finish why not go for a polished surface like the polished cool sunrise finish. In comparison to the brushed cool sunrise this finish shines out like a golden paradise, it gives an aura of wealth and luxury while still being in keeping with the rest of the room. This is a bold feature that would work in any contemporary hi end apartment, to bring an edgy yet elegant feel to your bathroom.

Current trends and designs for your luxury developments

At Concept Virtual Design, we work with the most up to date designers to bring you timeless finishes and styles for luxury apartment design for developers, quality refurbishment projects or private client new builds, to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard. To find out more about how our in-house design team can help enhance your project, please contact our team to visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio. Our in-house design team are available for consultations by appointment and are often brought in at the start of the architectural design process or building process to ensure that the correct bathroom space is created and that it is optimised from day one to produce the most luxurious space possible.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.