Luxury Bathroom Finishes

At Concept Virtual Design we work with the most inspirational luxury suppliers, to bring you the highest finish possible for your private client project or luxury development. We will often use natural wall and floor finishes for our bathroom projects – marble, granite, limestone the highest quality marble effect porcelain. The addition of stone or marble to any room promotes peace and tranquility while bringing a timeless feel to any luxury project.

Luxury Designers And Suppliers

This showstopping Calacatta is a marble effect porcelain tile, which comes in a matt or polished finish, it is designed to replicate the beautiful veins and movement of Calacatta marble. This tile gives a smooth flow to any room and creates a relaxing space within any luxurious room. You can use this lightweight porcelain tile for a variety of components in any luxury project or development, to create a stunning statement.


Luxury Designers And Suppliers

If you are looking for more of a modern twist then the newly introduced Blue Chevron porcelain tiles are the perfect fit. They are part of the 4D range which focuses on the aesthetics of three-dimensional shapes to bring volume and character to any room. This tile can be used to create a sophisticated statement when used in a small area or can be used to enhance the bold beauty of a room by using it in larger quantities, offset by more delicate pieces in the room.

Statuario is one of the most well known white marbles with its striking grey veining. This marble can act as an eye-catching piece within your bathroom or the beautiful grey marbling can be used to accentuate colour features within the room to give a timeless feel, tying together modern and classic features.

At Concept Virtual Design, we work with the most up to date, timeless styles and colours, to ensure that your refurbishment project or private client new build project is completed to the highest standard and finish. To find out more about how our in-house design team can help enhance your project, please contact our team to visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio. Our in-house design team are available for consultations by appointment and are often brought in at the start of the architectural design process or building process to ensure that the correct bathroom space is created and that it is optimised from day one to produce the most luxurious space possible.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Private Client Bathroom Design Project

Concept Virtual Design are experts in luxury bathroom design, we work with leading architects, private clients, quality developers and detailed interior designers to create statement bathrooms with luxury products, using the most current designs and styles. Recently we have completed a 10 bathroom project and our in-house design team working closely with our private clients to create stunning individual bathrooms and cloakrooms.

This master en suite features a large double vanity unit in a contemporary style with a classic twist. The striking black glass finish to the vanity unit acts as a contrast to the two sit on basins and the classic porcelain marble look floor finish. No luxury bathroom is complete without a large steam shower which promotes wellness and relaxation with marble look book matched porcelain tiles, to give an aura of luxury and peace within this tranquil bathroom.

Private Client Bathroom Design Project

In this cloakroom a copper sit on bowl acts as the feature focal point of the room, its beauty is enhanced by the contrast of the darker features of the room and the antique mirror above the basin, the black Villeroy & Boch toilet, inlay boarder tiles and the designer black basin tap also enhance the look and feel here.

A walk-in wet shower is an excellent addition to any bathroom, it is a great place to wash and very easy to use and live with. A feature vanity unit with wood detailing and zero maintenance porcelain floor and wall tiles in this bathroom brings a flow and cohesiveness to the style of this room,  while the niche lighting adds a fun element to this teenagers bathroom. Our design team can be brought in from the beginning of a build whilst architectural plans are being worked on, to ensure the maximum bathroom space plan is created, features like wall hung fittings, storage drawers and niches were used in this bathroom.

Private Client Bathroom Design Project

At Concept Virtual Design, we make sure we are working with the most up to date timeless styles and colours, to ensure that your  refurbishment project or private client new build project is completed to the highest standard and finish. To find out more about how we could enhance your project, please contact our design team to visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio. Our in-house design team are available for consultations by appointment and are often brought in at the start of the architectural design process or building process to ensure that the correct bathroom space is created and optimized from day one.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Latest Accent Tile Walls

Accent Tile Walls

To bring something truly luxurious and exceptional into your new development, look at our range of accent wall tiles and let us help you create something exquisite and unique. We have a huge range including the latest designs and materials, with a range of finishes to bring the perfect accent to your room.

Accent Tile Walls

If you’re looking to bring your luxury high-end new build to life, why not look at Concept Virtual Design’s exceptional range of accent tiles to create a truly stunning feature? For high end developments, accent wall tiles can give a sense of luxurious sophistication. We plan specific schemes for luxury new developments in our award-winning showroom, showing exactly how the concept will work in your home.

Accent Tile Walls

Concept’s In House Design Team can bring your ideas together to create a space that feels comfortable yet elegant, using our huge range of wall tiles to find the perfect compliment your space. Concept can create something exceptional, something unique and something that will impress for years to come, optimising the light and space available.

Accent Tile Walls

The 3D tiles shown here use texture to create movement through the room, with use of carefully chosen lighting to enhance the tactile element to the material. These versatile tiles can create feature walls in any room, perhaps a master bedroom and coordinating bathroom complex or perhaps another area of the house.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Villeroy & Boch – Architects

Villeroy & Boch - Architects

When François Boch founded a small ceramics business in Audun-le-Tiche in Lorraine in 1748, he could scarcely have imagined that his company would one day help to shape European cultural and industrial history. In 1836, when he joined forces with his former rival Nicolas Villeroy, who had gained considerable experience in décor and copperplate printing, they created a powerful company which would develop into a cornerstone of its industry – Villeroy & Boch.

Through the development of new materials and manufacturing processes, and a refined flair for design, Villeroy & Boch has been a leading pioneer in the industry from its earliest days. Both the Villeroy and Boch families continue to work actively for the company, now an international complete supplier of everything needed in the bathroom.

Villeroy & Boch - Architects

Back in 1852, Villeroy & Boch designed the first floor tiles in the world to combine wear-resistance with attractive design. Pioneering work has long been a tradition at Villeroy & Boch, and this innovative spirit is reflected in countless design and innovation prizes that have been awarded over the years. Their architectural achievements include use of their internationally acclaimed Merzig terracotta in a castle belonging to Louis II of Bavaria, as well as the facade of the Amsterdam RIjksmuseum, which is also decorated with Villeroy & Boch tiled paintings. The floor of the stunning Cologne Cathedral is also decorated with a 1,300m² Villeroy & Boch mosaic.

To bring you the best possible innovations in bathrooms nowadays, Villeroy & Boch works closely with reputable architects, taking advantage of their expertise to transform their designs into ceramic products. Olbrich, Behrens, and Van de Velde are just three of many architects that have worked with Villeroy & Boch for over 250 years. Their commitment to the highest design standards is further manifested in internationally renowned partners such as Marcel Wanders, Roberto Capucci, Sebastian Conran, Steve Leung, Frog Design, and Luigi Colani, the latter having created a completely new bathroom concept in 1975 that defined the bathroom as a living area for the first time.

Villeroy & Boch - Architects

Over the decades since, this new approach has exerted a major influence on the entire bathroom industry, and now Villeroy & Boch can offer new and exceptional ceramic products of the highest quality and durability over and over again.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Boutique gold & silver glass tiles


At Concept, we specialize in designing high end bathrooms and quality interiors, for luxury developers and private one client refurbishments . We are frequently asked for our expert design advice into other related areas, where maybe a specialist tile or accent finish, could be used, to make a stunning difference.


Individual high quality wall and floor finishes are paramount to the look and feel of the project and for very contemporary areas, possibly a feature room in a house, be it a luxury bathroom,walk in wardrobe, ladies walk in shoe cupboard, spa area or reception room  – could be treated with an accent wall or boutique glass effect accent.


The images shown are a selection of boutique gold and silver glass tile accents, that can be used in many feature areas, where perhaps our client is looking for an inspiring detail to their favorite room .


Concept has a state of the art tile studio incorporated within our main showroom in Maidenhead, where we have over 40 room settings and latest products, styles and colours on display . It is well worth a visit as our showroom has been voted 10/10 by trade body KBB for the best showroom in the area.

Making Beauty Sustainable – Vasco’s range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly radiators

Arche-bad-grey-blue - Vasco's eco-friendly radiators

At Concept, we encourage and fully support a client’s wishes to make their new build more sustainable and eco-friendly. There’s no reason why your stylish new build can’t be both luxurious and “green”, especially with Vasco’s range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly radiators.


Vasco’s products are all created out of 100% recycled aluminium, rather than using up new resources. They combine stunning, unique looks with energy-saving design to make a luxurious combination of aesthetics and function, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for style. The products integrate highly sophisticated technology to deliver an efficient, yet effective heat delivery.

There are so many subtle ways to make sure that new houses are sustainably built and eco-conscious, whilst not sacrificing style and a luxurious finish. Let Concept help visualise  your space into a luxuriously styled room that helps promote sustainability – call our design team today .


Latest Wood Porcelain Tiles, For Luxury Development in Henley

Wood Porcelain Tiles

Our beautiful new range of wood-effect, maintenance free porcelain tiles from Villeroy and Boch, have been used in this gorgeous luxury development in Henley-On-Thames to create a modern, warm feel to the room. The realistic wood grain effect works really well here, combined with the carefully selected wall colours, to give an airy, spacious feel to the property.

Wood Porcelain Tiles

Villeroy and Boch’s new range of porcelain stoneware tiles are so realistic people often mistake them for real wood, but they are far less maintenance than the real thing! No one wants to spend their time treating or repairing the floor, so our exquisite range of tiles are ideal to get that beautiful wood effect floor without all the hard work. They come in a range of five different wood colours, all inspired by natural parquet flooring.

Villeroy and Boch Tiles feature VilbostonePlus , which renders the tiles particularly resistant to dirt and stains and makes the tile ideal for under floor heating in new developments .

For more details on our latest tile ranges for 2014 & 2015, visit our extensive designer tile studio today.


Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Henley on Thames, Bathroom Designs for Luxury Developments


At Concept Virtual Design, we provide hi-end luxury for new build developments in Henley on Thames. Whether you’re planning a complete new build, or you’re just simply wanting a change within your home, a beautiful bespoke bathroom is the ideal way of adding that final touch of luxury to your development.

In order to ensure that luxury developments on hi-end developments are set out correctly, we need to be able to detail all positions at an early stage. Creating a bespoke bathroom whilst the property is coming out of the ground allows you to envision certain elements of the development, and implement similar design aspects from your bespoke bathroom into the rest of your home.

A luxury bathroom is a key aspect within any home. Your bathroom should always offer you to opportunity to relax, unwind and keep in check with your well being. Every bathroom should be a luxury place to escape after a long day, and offer you the chance to mentally, physically and emotionally unwind with hi-end bathroom features.


We provide architectural bathroom design for new build developments, creating visually stunning bathrooms that are bespoke to your design tastes. Designing a bathroom from the beginning gives you the chance to implement your exact design requirements, allowing you to have the luxury bathroom you’ve always visualised. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your choices when it comes down to bespoke bathroom design, which is why our designers will work closely with you, to get even the finer details in check – for example this very low cistern design, in front of this tall feature window area.

Our team of designers are highly experienced in creating bespoke designs suited for luxury developments. If you’re interested in having a luxury bespoke bathroom in Henley on Thames, please contact Concept Virtual Design.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Luxury Walk-in Showers and Wet Rooms in Ascot

If you’re upgrading an existing bathroom, planning a brand new build or working on an extension, a walk-in shower or wet room provides the perfect luxury addition to any home, offering a stylish and practical bathing area that you will love using.

Wedi Wet Tray Image 1

Walk-ins and wetrooms work with a huge range of interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary, and can be accommodated by both small and large rooms. Ideal for en-suite shower rooms, an open plan showering area is easy to clean, easy to access, and an utter joy to bathe in. Walk-in showers are also great for families and people with limited mobility as they maximise on space and are easy to use and move around in.

Wedi  Image 2

A walk-in shower or wet room is a fully tiled and ‘tanked’ showering area that can be customised with luxury tiles, in-built storage, seating, lighting, and even a multimedia system so you can listen to your favourite tunes while getting ready. In larger bathrooms, a walk-in shower area can be incorporated to the space along with standard bathroom fittings and additional seating areas for a truly luxurious feel.

walk in shower

Planning and designing a walk-in shower or wetroom requires expertise in interior design and the technical practicalities of a fully tanked shower area. At Concept Virtual Design we offer a detailed A3 colour design service that allows you to determine every element of your luxury shower down to the last tile.

The benefits of having a comprehensive virtual design include:

  • knowing how your budget will be divided across the project
  • having an accurate idea of time-scales and order of work
  • ensuring that tradesmen have a clear and detailed plan to work from
  • allowing several different trades to work simultaneously
  • being freer to make small changes where necessary without drastically affecting the design
  • seeing your chosen fixtures and fittings in detailed colour designs so you know exactly what to expect
  • being able to incorporate all the small details into a visual design
  • the reliability of having the support of an experienced interior design team, all the way through your project

For inspiration and advice on planning a luxury wet room or walk-in shower , contact our highly experienced team at Concept Virtual Design based near Ascot and browse some of our previous projects at

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Concept Virtual Design Nominated for Customer Service Award

kbbreview awards 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Concept Virtual Design is a finalist in the 2014 KBBReview Awards for Best Bathroom Customer Service. The KBBReview Awards are celebrating their 20th year with nominees chosen from their Mystery Shopper reviews:

“In every issue of KBBReview our Mystery Shopper visits a different town and evaluates selected retailers in that area, based on her first impressions – and this appears as our famous Shopping Around feature. Out of the dozens of showrooms visited the Mystery Shopper picks a shortlist of favourites and an eventual winner for the Bathroom Customer Service of the Year Award.”

In May 2013, Concept Virtual Design received a 10 out of 10 score from the KBBReview mystery shopper – the very first perfect score she had ever given to a showroom. The reviewer praised the Concept Virtual Design bathroom showroom in Maidenhead and called it “a winning combination” of “friendly service” and a “classy” atmosphere. “The showroom manager […] couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly,” the Mystery Shopper said. Read the full review here.

luxury bathroom design

At Concept Virtual Design we pride ourselves on excellent service, beautiful design and a bespoke approach to each of our clients’ needs. We take care of our customers, offering high quality bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles and furniture to make their vision come true. Working with private clients, architects and luxury developers, the Concept Virtual Design team creates stunning bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms and spas to suit every individual brief. With our A3 colour design service we ensure that your build or renovation goes smoothly and quickly with each trade working seamlessly together, using our detailed plans and designs. Visit our Maidenhead showroom to see examples of the top standard bathroom brands we use and speak to one of our design team.

luxury mosaic bathroom tiles