Steam & Sauna Wellbeing Experience

admin on January 29, 2014

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The Steam Shower

Water equals health, including when it is in the form of a cloud of steam enveloping the body. In far off days this secret was discovered by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, that a steam shower or bath was a philosophy of life. In contrast to the sauna, the humidity reaches 100% and the temperature never exceeds 48°C. Seated on marble, stone or porcelain, enveloped in an impalpable mist, you inhale the warm steam, decongesting the lungs and your sweat carries away all toxins as you distance yourself from the surrounding space, becoming aware of only the feelings of your own body.

When the steam content in an environment is greater than the quantity of water in the epidermis, a layer of moisture forms on the skin warming up the body. The combined action of the steam and the controlled heat assists the blood and lymph circulation system, dissolving toxins and favouring their expulsion.

The Sauna

From its Scandinavian beginnings it has conquered the whole world. The heat in a sauna can reach temperatures up to 100°C but the low humidity (20-30%) transforms this into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and stimulates bodily purification. The wood exudes the perfumes of nature, issuing a primitive call to rediscover your inner calm, freeing the mind of all stress. First build your sauna and then build your house. This old Finnish saying tells how a simple bath of warm, dry air can become the beating heart of your daily wellbeing.

The sauna creates a very warm, dry environment, almost completely free from humidity. The sweating stimulated by this rids the body of toxins. After your sauna session, a warm or cool shower is an extremely pleasant way of toning up.

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