Bathroom Interior Design

Concept’s specialist design skills include full colour coordination for our bathroom projects, be it a highlight of definitive, bold colour for vanity units, taps and showers such as the gold finishes shown or perhaps a more neutral scheme in cappuccino or natural stone. Our team has impeccable attention to detail within their full creative designs, including specifications for tile tones, grout colour detailing and intelligent lighting solutions.

Bathroom Interior Design

We are experts in the field of luxury bathroom design, going well over and above industry standard and “normal” bathroom styles. Our devotion to high end finishes and decadent styles offer a top level service where we visualise our designs for our clients with an online A3 Colour Virtual Design Service that details out every aspect.

Bathroom Interior Design

Concept offers an unrivalled level of service for statement bathrooms, creatively designing spaces that ooze holistic wellbeing, timeless aesthetics and seamless functionality that turns everyday routine into a joyous ritual that boosts esteem and mood. We utilise our vast knowledge of the marketplace and high end suppliers to find idyllic products that don’t just suit the practical needs but rather delve into a world of opulent extravagance for a space that is so much more than just a “bathroom”.

Bathroom Interior Design

We’re offering dedicated sole appointments in line with Covid-19 regulations to keep our clients and staff safe, so simply contact us to see how our bespoke creative designs fit into a high end refurbishment or luxury new development.

The Contemporary Bathroom Look

Contemporary Bathroom Look

Concept Virtual Design are professionals in the field of luxury bathroom design. Our designs go above and beyond the usual bathroom styles to find something more elaborate, more visually stunning and much, much more decadent! Our portfolio of contemporary bathroom projects are a credit to our expert inhouse design team who are obsessive about delivering luxury in every detail.

Contemporary Bathroom Look

Our professional, experienced design team specialise in full colour coordination for contemporary, sophisticated designs that offer a new level of holistic wellbeing, smooth functionality and mood-enhancing aesthetics. We work with the brief given, expanding into a wealth of high end materials, luxury sanitaryware and opulent yet timeless styles.

Whether it’s for a decadent master ensuite or multiple timelessly styled bathrooms, our clients come to us for a higher standard of bespoke, statement bathroom design than you’d find anywhere else. We deliver styles that ooze opulence, using high end suppliers and sourcing only the very highest quality finishes and materials, pulling together decadence and practicality in perfect harmony.

Contemporary Bathroom Look

Inspirational Grohe Bathrooms

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

Concept’s knowledge and experience of the wider marketplace has led us to have a particular specialism in designing strikingly beautiful bathrooms that function just as luxuriously. Our professional expertise in designing Grohe’s astonishingly elegant collections into sumptuous bathrooms for high end townhouses and apartments in Berkshire, Surrey & London.

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

Bathrooms have become opportunities for exploration and expansion into a room way above practicality, into a world of holistic wellbeing, a canvas for art and a defining statement for luxury homes. Colour themes from around the house can be worked into a bathroom space allowing for seamless flow and movement between rooms. Concept are experts in following this focus to develop a space that can provide a sanctuary from the everyday busyness and chaos, or can invigorate and energise a morning routine, for example.

Concept’s instinctive feel for design is second to none, with our professional in house team offering creative high end designs that ensure obsessive attention to detail and all colours, styles and materials explored to find the perfect end result. Our vast portfolio of projects speaks for itself, offering prime examples of our outstanding projects that we’ve worked on

Simply drop us a message to find out how our designs can help you achieve the perfect sumptuous statement bathroom for a luxurious home.

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

Sophistication In Colour By Grohe

For a high end, truly elegant luxury bathroom project design, the Atrio tap is an essential where Grohe have excelled in both timeless, iconic design and a definitive precision in quality. The new, sleek design draws on the completeness and simplicity of the circle, utilising its ability to create definition and focus in design. The result is a sleek contemporary elegance that offers subtle definition in a bathroom without overwhelming detail.

The Atrio collection is available in 10 range of colours and finishes, allowing our design team to seamlessly compliment the design of luxury bathroom projects. We can coordinate signature taps for vanities, baths filling spouts, shower drenchers and body jets to elevate the level of finish for a project, providing a high end feel with exceptional quality that delivers a timeless statement.

Our in-house bathroom project design team are professional and highly experienced in attention to detail, utilising our years of expertise to tailor the design of a private client luxury new build or a quality refurbishment, working alongside the best architects and top interior designers. We specialise in high quality, luxury bathroom design to create sublime statement rooms while offering the latest products and colour pallets such as hard graphite, brushed nickel and warm sunset together with new technology innovation and sustainability .

Covid-19, Future Hygiene for Luxury Bathroom Design

At Concept we specialise in luxury bathrooms and have a wealth of experience in sourcing exceptional high end products that ensure hygiene is easily maintained while cementing that statement style. This is an especially important consideration acknowledged by our leading suppliers in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, which will clearly be around for a long while yet. Hygiene improvements have therefore been a special development for top end brands delivering products for sophisticated bathroom designs.

One of our key partners Villeroy and Boch, have developed an intelligent sanitary ware coating called “CeramicPlus” and also “AntiBac”  a bacterial protection for easily cared for and clean surfaces. The surface repels residue, while being insensitive to acids and alkalis often found in household cleaners. Liquid immediately beads upon contact with the surface, allowing it to easily roll off into the outlet. Cleaning is quicker, easier, safer.

Luxury Vanity Furniture With Stone Top

Grohe’s Electronic Basin Taps for bathrooms are another innovation designed to help us improve hygiene while maintaining style in a high end home. This product range showcases their development into a range of non-touch taps, reducing the need to touch surfaces which minimises the spread of germs and bacteria. They’re also a great eco-friendly water saving option, with water flowing only when needed and the sensors alerted. Durable and stylish, these taps offer a great hygienic and stylish addition to a luxury bathroom, an exciting consideration for architects and high end developers as the world continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic.

TOTO’s innovation in hygiene is its shower toilet – the TOTO Washlet. The TOTO Washlet contains a number of features for bringing greater hygiene into the bathroom. Ewater+ is used to clean the ceramic and wand jet with electrolysed water. Premist sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water, reducing the ability for dirt and waste to stick. The Tornado Flush thoroughly cleans the entire toilet bowl and the Cefiontect glaze is easy to clean, smooth and prevents germs from accumulating on the surface of the bowl. Using the TOTO Washlet also reduces the need of toilet paper and provides an environmental benefit as well.

Ensuite In Marble

Concept’s professional in house design team can help specify the right styles and designs for your luxury bathroom project – simply drop us an email and tell us about your project or we can make a dedicated project meeting appointment for you at our award winning studio  See how we can help today.

Master Bathroom Virtual Design Service

A master en-suite is the premium focal point for a luxury home, whether a new build or an existing refurbishment project, and the most important bathroom in the house. Concept’s professional design team offer creative, decadent designs that tailor luxury and functionality in a striking combination that offers a benchmark for other bathrooms in the house to work from.

Our experienced team have worked on hundreds of projects, often from before work has commenced on both refurbishments and new builds. We are happy to have plans emailed over to us (architects plans if a new build /an extension project or alternatively your room dimensions and room photos if an existing refurbishment) and we can email you back with our overview consultation and initial cost guide.

This project example shows the level of detail and virtual visualisation that our design team will produce, providing incredible results for mid to high end private client projects and luxury new build developments.

For mid to high end residential private client projects needing a fitting service, we also offer an exclusive approved installation service for the more complex, creative and detailed multi bathroom projects with seven independent skilled fitting teams who have the same exacting standards and who have worked on many of our award winning projects.

Bathroom Design Consultancy

Stone Pool & Spa Features

Concept Virtual Design are pleased to work on high end bathroom designs that offer our clients sophisticated solutions for statement projects. We provide our service to both private client projects and luxury developers looking to create special finishes. Our team of designers are experts and have an extensive knowledge of the market, utilising the latest trends, products and materials for timeless, decadent bathroom design.

Our team would work closely with the project’s architect, building contractor or interior designer, to help finalise working drawings. We would normally start working on a project before any building works has commenced, to allow us to advise on important aspects such as room door, svp boxings and wall positions, which helps to maximise on the space available, optimising the rooms for the best possible luxury designs. Our highly experienced team can also help with creative lighting solutions, offering our expertise in creating the perfect atmosphere, working alongside interior design specialists and any other professionals involved in the project’s creation.

Luxurious Spa

With the emergence of new trends such as steam showers and other wellness Spa treatments, Concept’s team are seeing more of these included in high end bathroom’s, an exciting new area that we are well acquainted with thanks to our vast knowledge of the modern bathroom market. We can help advise on the best products to suit luxury bathrooms that need to provide more than just the daily functions but also need to be an opulent space that offers holistic body rejuvenation and relaxation.

Bathroom Design

Concept’s design services cover the South East of England, offering creative high end project design for both developers and private clients – please see some of our latest design examples.

Bathroom Virtual Design Service & Latest Sustainable Products for 2021

Grohe’s latest cutting edge tap design

At Concept we have an extensive client order book through to the end of 2021, our team are working on development sites and private client new builds that are currently coming out of the ground for completion in 2021 . Our design team looks towards sustainable and latest manufacturer products, such as the latest product offering from Grohe.

Grohe’s latest cutting edge tap design is an innovation not only in style, but in its creation. Grohe have embraced the still-emerging technology of 3D printing to push the boundaries of potential, with their engineers and designers collaborating to bring together a design that is incredibly light, yet offers a dynamic, astounding and distinct design thanks to the investment by Grohe into materials and possibilities.

Grohe’s latest cutting edge tap design

The aesthetically breathtaking reduction in design has another side to it though, one that saves the Earth’s valuable resources thanks to its minimal use of materials. Through the ultra-thin spout on the ATRIO and the hollow interior of the Allure Brilliant Icon 3D, the reduction of materials yet undeniable strength and durability offers more than we thought possible.

Luxury bathrooms are about more than just function. They define our appreciation, change the way our daily rituals are carried out and offer a new perspective on beauty, such as the way Grohe’s taps change the flow of water – a simple, natural element that we take for granted – making it appear as a magical illusion and giving us a much-needed boost of gratitude and enjoyment in a luxurious everyday.

The Concept Virtual Design Team specialises in advising, designing and planing for exquisite finishing touches for private client new builds, high quality refurbishment projects and luxury development projects , giving unrivaled setting out attention to detail before building work has started.

Email our design team your project details and find out how we can help to move your project designs forward – – we are available and working online .

See some of our virtual design projects here.

Grohe’s latest cutting edge tap design

Working The Smart Way During Covid-19 Government Direction

Grohe’s Latest Shower And Tap Range

Following Government direction to stay safe during the COVID – 19 pandemic, Concept Virtual Design have implemented new smart working and off site procedures, we are fully contactable on

For clients who have new development site projects, extensions or require private profession bathroom designs, we are designing these as normal and with our creative virtual design service .

Listed below is our latest product style offering from Grohe, one of our key partners.

Emerging from Grohe’s Germany designers is an exquisite new shower and tap finish to compliment a timeless, contemporary interior design for luxury new builds or high end renovation projects.

Created from hard graphite these items take interior design to the next level, while Concept will colour co-ordinate to the style and colour of your bathroom, giving the most desirable results for a sumptuous statement bathroom.

Grohe’s Latest Shower And Tap Range

Concept Virtual Design carefully tailor each detail to create the perfect aesthetic that will transport you as you step into the space, and Grohe’s exceptional tap and shower finishes add elegance and movement to the room, with careful linear sculpting and decadent fluidity.

Grohe’s Latest Shower And Tap Range

Concept are experts in professional virtual bathroom design for luxury private client refurbishment projects and high end new build projects, with an award winning design studio covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and the South East.

Creative Tile Finishes & Styles by Villeroy & Boch

Creative Tile Finishes & Styles by Villeroy & Boch

Concept Virtual Design are experts in colour coordinating statement luxury bathrooms, utilising our in depth knowledge of Villeroy & Boch’s range and the latest trends and styles. We can colour coordinate a full bathroom from paint colours, or sanitary ware colours to compliment tile tones, grouting colour and intelligent lighting design, using a holistic view of the project to create the perfect bathroom design for your specification.

Villeroy & Boch’s luxury tile ranges offer a vast array of styles and colours, while our design team have an extensive knowledge of how best to put together a colour palette than compliments the functionality of the space along with the design ambience of the space.

Creative Tile Finishes & Styles by Villeroy & Boch

The finish of a luxury tile can bring a bathroom to life, adding movement and depth to the walls or floors – or as a stand alone focal statement piece that can add a striking piece of art. Textured tiles can be a great way to draw the eye into the room, and can be toned to create a natural, neutral and calming ambience, or to add veins of colour and pattern to bring a vibrant, invigorating feel to help bring an inspired start to the day.

Creative Tile Finishes & Styles by Villeroy & Boch

Concept are experts in professional bathroom design for luxury private client refurbishment projects and high end new build projects, with an award winning design studio in Maidenhead, Berkshire.