Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes & Statement Bathrooms

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

Concept is proud to have designed and supplied fabulous statement bathrooms and luxury dressing room wardrobes to this stunning new build property in Virginia Water in Surrey. Our in-house design team worked with this specialist luxury developer to create this sophisticated offering.

We utilised all the space available using our A3 colour design service, our dedicated wardrobe visualisation room designs, allows you to see every element of your project at an early stage . Our design team created this effortless light, open feel master dressing room that seamlessly flows into the rest of the master bedroom complex. The unique gloss lacquer effect wardrobe furniture, open linen carcases and internal drawers featuring leather handles are highlighted through creative intelligent lighting to ensure a stunning feature dressing room.

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

The latest wardrobe finishes have been utilised in this dressing room project, to ensure this room is at the height of “current timeless trends” bringing a statement focus to the room, while working in harmony with the colour palette of the master suite.

At Concept, we work with our clients to design not only our stunning bathroom projects but also beautiful wardrobes and dressing rooms, the exact position of door ways, walls and partitions can be massaged at an early stage of your project, which we can show in our detailed A3 colour visual design and setting out service, for maximum room and space optimisation.

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

For inspiration or to find out more about our exclusive A3 colour design service, contact our highly experienced team at Concept Virtual Design based near Ascot and browse some of our previous projects at Concept Virtual Design.

Luxurious Mediterranean Feel

Luxurious Mediterranean Feel

Bringing the mediterranean into your home can add statement luxury for a light, airy feel of relaxation. Natural materials offer a calming atmosphere that adds comfort and wellbeing to everyday routines and rituals.

Fresh light colours are sumptuous in their own right, embellished by the natural patterns found within stone or marble, for example. Cultural influences from old and new Spain and Italy offer rich detail to transport you to the Mediterranean as soon as you step into the room. Decadent patterns on high end porcelain tiles can provide the perfect finish to give the space an opulent feel.

Vast expanses of high end surfaces can give effortless movement between living areas, adding to the tranquil, spacious and fluid feel of a luxury home. The division between indoor and outdoor living ebbs away, allowing for seamless integration of that Mediterranean feel, where so much of life is enjoyed outside in the fresh, warm air. The free flowing luxury feel of beautifully simple high end tiles and stone finishes brings a rejuvenating, relaxing and restorative air to the home, enhancing wellbeing.

Statement marble exudes decadence, while still bringing the light, almost tropical feel to the space. The natural veins in the stone add exquisite detailing that gives delicate movement to the decor and can be used to create a feature wall for a rich statement bathroom.

Concept Virtual Design are experts in creating stunning high end bathrooms, with beautiful designs that optimise the space and the functionality, while still delivering breathtaking aesthetics.

Art Deco Luxury Vanity Units

Art Deco Luxury Vanity Units

Storage is an integral part of any high end bathroom design, as no one wants to have clutter spoiling the style of a luxurious space. Clean lines and fine detailing will often be marred by ugly toiletries, towels and everyday items that detract from the aesthetics, so it’s crucial to have well thought through storage solutions.

High quality vanity units, such as these, offer intelligent storage solutions to hide away everyday bathroom items while creating stunning focal points that exude and opulent air. The geometrics of Art Deco make it a timeless classic that utilises decorative lines and shapes, beautiful detailing and striking style.

Art Deco Luxury Vanity Units

Robust yet beautiful, vanity units can be built in to give you the space you need to start your day, keeping everything you need at your fingertips yet handily hidden away while not in use. Elegant storage solutions such as these offer versatility and style, exploring the latest trends in high end bathroom furniture to keep your bathroom looking sophisticated and classy.

Art Deco Luxury Vanity Units

Concept Virtual Design’s in-house design team are experts in creating the perfect storage solution in high end projects to add those luxurious finishing touches to statement bathrooms. We utilise our specialist knowledge of the market to find the timeless finishes, textures, and styles to incorporate into private client projects and luxury developments, delivering timeless aesthetics that add both functionality and beauty.

The black and white colour palette

The world today is so full of colour you sometimes need to bring back the basics to ensure the latest trends and styles are enhanced, giving a timeless design to a room. At Concept, our projects are meticulously planned using our colour visual interior design service, to ensure effortless colour coordination and interior design throughout a bathroom.

Bold, eye-catching colours have their place but sometimes less is more, utilising the starkness of a black and white colour palette you can enhance the features of a room or create a canvas for statement pieces to shine through.

By using a black and white colour scheme within a bathroom you can create a crisp opulent design with bold lines providing a level of movement to the room. Our colour visual design service ensures a design that is influenced by the latest designs and styles while providing a timeless elegant finish that blends seamlessly with the rooms features.

Visit our projects page to view our latest work where we provided client advisory colour coordination and interior design services. These projects benefited from our early design input and colour visual design service to create carefully designed bathrooms and finishes for clients

Call or visit Concept’s in house design team today.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

One of Concept’s latest projects has been in Berkshire, where we worked with a luxury developer and his specialist team on twelve luxury new build apartments . Concept created and supplied these exceptional bathrooms to a very high level of finish with elegant storage solutions.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

Here our in house design team focused particularly on technical sanitary ware knowledge for a timeless style that integrated with top quality fixtures and fittings, ensuring each finishing touch is in keeping with the high end specification and the timeless style of the space.

We often begin our design work before the building comes out of the ground, utilising our knowledge to advise on door and wall positions that optimise and influence the space available, allowing our in house design team to create truly spectacular designs that ooze opulence and create an inviting atmosphere.

Luxury New Development In Berkshire

Concept design and supply high end bathrooms for luxury new developments, private client projects and office renovations into top quality apartments. Talk to us today for more information on our detailed design service.

Villeroy & Boch’s Striking Memento 2.0

Villeroy and Boch Memento 2.0

Modern. Consistent. Refined.

The inviting minimalism of the Memento 2.0 range from Villeroy and Boch is cleverly created thanks to the use of the high quality material it’s made from – TitanCeram ceramic. Low wall thickness and precise contours are achieved thanks to this highly durable, extremely strong material that lends its resilience to creating definition and lightness in this exceptional range from Villeroy and Boch. The slender design creates a refined aesthetic that oozes an urban trendiness while maintaining a simply sophisticated functionality.

Villeroy and Boch Memento 2.0

The consistently linear appearance is customisable in a range of classic ceramic colours, such as White Alpin, Star White and Glossy Black, or a TitanGlaze surface in matte colours such as Stone White, Ebony and Graphite. These matte tones are currently very on trend and can be carried through from wash basin to WC and bidet.

Villeroy and Boch Memento 2.0

The WC and bidet from the Memento 2.0 collection continue the refined linear design from the wash basin. The stylish slim lines and thin edges create the same striking aesthetic, while functionality is formed into elegant objects of design. Innovative design implements water saving functions, meaning the toilet offers the perfect efficient, effect flush thanks to Direct Flush and Aqua Reduct technology.

For a bathroom project design consultation, please contract our in house design team to make your showroom appointment .

Artelinea’s Eye Catching Aesthetics

The latest ranges from Artelinea bring together a real focus on the versatility of combinations and the success of challenging the standard, pushing the boundaries in functionality and beauty, to offer a new, fresh perspective on modern possibilities.

In the new +Skin range, Artelinea have combined several materials in a single piece to create a functional vanity unit that brings a bathroom to life through its glorious use of alternating textiles. Artelinea utilises materials such as glass, mirror, decorative porcelain and prints to lend sophistication and a real stylish opulence to the space. Stylish prints breathe a soft elegance into bathroom routines, adding a decadent feel to those every day tasks.

Artelinea’s Plissé collection redefines traditional concepts through deliberate, precise shapes entirely made out of glass, promoting the metal detail to bring a glorious depth and detailing to the design. These vanity units exude a truly elegant style, with bold designs that brings an enlightened feeling to the room. These freestanding units create a gentle functioning focal point to the space with becoming overbearing or too dominating.

Simplicity born of vintage lines and functioning aesthetics give Artelinea’s new T-60 range its charm and addictive style. Using the decadently exuberant mix of glass and metal means the collection carries both character and expressive beauty. The striking simplicity offers a raw yet understated functionality to these pieces, which so beautifully combine materials and linear design to captivate the eyes.

Concept Virtual Design’s talented in-house design team are passionate about creating decadent, luxury bathrooms for private client projects and high quality refurbishments. We source the latest technology, textiles and trends to bring timeless opulent designs into reality, our skill is our vision and our art of design pulling your look together.

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Look

Luxury Bathrooms – The Perfect High End Hotel Look by TGH Paris, one of Concept’s suppliers of exquisite, opulent bathroom ware.

Examples of luxury is brought into the space using materials from nature, including marble, leather, wood, stone and bronze, while each room has been created uniquely, to give a bespoke feel and true custom-made decor. The quality bathroom fittings blend in seamlessly, such as a luxury freestanding bath with inviting curves and smooth lines, complete with a freestanding tap with intelligent valve positions designed in the same mindset.

Cheval Blanc - Courchevel

Life has been breathed into the luxury decor using the stunning landscape as inspiration. Nature’s influence is clear, with striking contrasts in colour and tactile materials such as a variety of woods and stone, work their way into the luxury decor which brims with movement and classic timelessness. From steam showers, seating and wooden basins, all incorporate a natural feel with elegance.

Luxury hotel bathroom

Warmth is often generated through colour and texture, encouraging a tactile yet soft experience through the incorporation of unrefined material. A clever use of intelligent bathroom lighting gives a soft glow that lights up the stunning bathroom features, where the natural feel continues with wood panelling in warm tones.

Luxury vanity units

Concept work closely with our bathroom manufacturers and designers and offer luxury statement bathrooms, designed decadently into dreamy spaces that offer functionality and beauty. We design both new builds and high end refurbishments for private client projects with high end suppliers whose products offer innovative technology alongside stylish opulence.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Bathroom Design Project Trends for 2019


As 2019 approaches our talented design team have been looking ahead to the latest bathroom style trends and exciting colours and textures that the new year will bring to inspire our timeless, luxurious creations. Our full design services can ensure that stunning statement bathrooms are a reality, so please feel free to visit our award winning showroom by appointment, to see our impressive portfolio and discuss your bathroom project requirements with the team, in an initial design consultation.

Toto ZL faucet.png

A couple of key product examples might be a “feature wellness shower with steam and sauna” that is the main anchor of the master en suite or perhaps “super slim feature taps” like the TOTO ZL taps featured below with control levers set very conveniently into the vanity worktop.

luxurious bathroom

With our private client projects, the teams focus is on the highest detailed and luxurious design look, often working alongside the areas most creative architects and experienced building contractors – to integrate structural and mechanical set out optimisation, ensuring the very best bathroom project designs . On many of our design projects we will work with our clients up to a year before construction starts, if part of a larger house project, new build or remodel.

Why not talk to our expert designers today about creating or replacing your new bathrooms in 2019, our designs will excite and energise you.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Our Expert High End Design Service

Our Expert High End Design Service

Concept is proud to have completed our latest project of 28 waterside apartments and 4 townhouses for an award winning regional developer in Windsor . The luxury themes running through the designs included sleek modern sanitary ware, such as luxurious Villeroy & Boch white glass vanity units and functional yet aesthetically complimenting latest style Villeroy & Boch rimless toilets.


Our Expert High End Design Service

The elegant, luxury bathrooms have a light, contemporary feel to them, carefully designed to maximise the space. Concepts in house team worked alongside the developer to bring an opulent feel to each bathroom, working from an early development stage in the project to advise on optimum positioning for doorways, partition walls and technical plumbing and lighting setting out positions. This allows us to create luxury finishes that work perfectly in the space and allow for a flowing movement to the room. We combine functionality and beauty, designing a space that is almost an indulgent pleasure to use, bringing luxury to the everyday routine.


Our Expert High End Design Service

Our creative design and supply service is also ideal for private clients who want high end luxurious touches to their private projects, such as walk in wet room showers. We work with the client, their builders, developers, architects or interior designer, to bring their personal tastes and designs to life within new builds or luxurious refurbishments. Our team use the latest styles, products and finishes to bring decadent designs into a reality.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.