Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes & Statement Bathrooms

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

Concept is proud to have designed and supplied fabulous statement bathrooms and luxury dressing room wardrobes to this stunning new build property in Virginia Water in Surrey. Our in-house design team worked with this specialist luxury developer to create this sophisticated offering.

We utilised all the space available using our A3 colour design service, our dedicated wardrobe visualisation room designs, allows you to see every element of your project at an early stage . Our design team created this effortless light, open feel master dressing room that seamlessly flows into the rest of the master bedroom complex. The unique gloss lacquer effect wardrobe furniture, open linen carcases and internal drawers featuring leather handles are highlighted through creative intelligent lighting to ensure a stunning feature dressing room.

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

The latest wardrobe finishes have been utilised in this dressing room project, to ensure this room is at the height of “current timeless trends” bringing a statement focus to the room, while working in harmony with the colour palette of the master suite.

At Concept, we work with our clients to design not only our stunning bathroom projects but also beautiful wardrobes and dressing rooms, the exact position of door ways, walls and partitions can be massaged at an early stage of your project, which we can show in our detailed A3 colour visual design and setting out service, for maximum room and space optimisation.

Statement Bathrooms & Luxury Dressing Room Wardrobes

For inspiration or to find out more about our exclusive A3 colour design service, contact our highly experienced team at Concept Virtual Design based near Ascot and browse some of our previous projects at Concept Virtual Design.

Illuminated Wardrobe Hanging Rails

Stylish Wardrobes

The bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquillity where life slows down and you can fully unwind and relax. Our bedroom designs are tailored to meet individual requirements and maximise the space available, giving you a timeless, stylish look.

Concept will design your bedroom or dressing room with an innovative use of storage space, designing your bedroom to include stylish yet functional wardrobes to make sure everything can be easily stored out of sight, ensuring your room does not look cluttered.

Stylish Wardrobes

We can design wardrobes to the most awkwardly shaped rooms, for example sloped ceiling areas or reduced ceiling height areas, making sure they sit flush with the walls and look perfect. This also ensures we use the space optimally, making the most of the available room and designing it so it looks stylish but also functions well on a practical level.

We design luxury wardrobes to your requirements, and can incorporate contemporary modern features, such as these chic, elegant wardrobes with lighting that comes on as you open the door- a simple element that can make all the difference in helping your bedroom to work for you. Your clothing is illuminated by a row of low-energy LEDs along the hanging rail, making life flow a little smoother and a little easier.

Stylish Wardrobes

To book a design consultation, please call the design team on 01628 777122 or you can email your room sizes and dimensions through, at your leisure.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Dressing Room Wardrobes

Dressing Room Wardrobes

At Concept Virtual Design, we strongly believe that getting prepared for the day shouldn’t be a hassle and that every luxury master bedroom, should be complete with a bespoke dressing room wardrobe. Dressing room wardrobes are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and enhance your bedroom in the most ideal way. We will work with you to create your ideal dressing room wardrobe solution, ensuring that it’s in keeping with the design of your bedroom and en suite.

Dressing Room Wardrobes

Getting ready for the day should be a joyful and pleasant experience, which is exactly what a dressing room wardrobe can offer. They provide you with the space and luxury to store your belongings in a clear and organised manner.

For more advice and inspiration on latest dressing room wardrobes, for luxury developments and one off client projects, please contact us here at Concept Virtual Design. We have a luxury designer showroom based in Maidenhead and cover the entire Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey areas.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Beautiful Bespoke Bedrooms, from Top to Bottom

Creating your perfect bespoke bedroom means bringing the entire design together in a cohesive way – incorporating an effective layout with quality furniture and all the little details that make your room unique. Your bedroom should be a tranquil and luxurious place where you can relax at the end of the day, but it’s needn’t be just for sleeping! Your bedroom can also be your dressing room, a place to read or watch films, or even act as a home-office. To design your ideal bedroom, you need to decide exactly what purpose the room will serve. If you’re a developer designing several different types of bedroom, think about the type of buyer you want to appeal to – young professionals, families, people looking for a retirement home – and consider the types of bedroom fixtures and furnishings that would be most useful to them.

bespoke bedrooms

When we work with architects, developers and project managers to design bespoke bedrooms, we look at the whole design as well as its composite parts, from top to bottom. Our A3 colour design and setting out service means that you are able to refer to a detailed plan of the room at every stage of construction and decoration, including individual elements like lighting and electrics, door positioning, and dimensions of bespoke furniture like built-in wardrobes. This allows each trade to work efficiently with each other and reduces the risk of delays or mistakes.

So, what are the elements that make a beautiful bespoke bedroom?

First, it’s essential to create the right floor plan. Traffic flow will move move mostly between the bedroom and the bathroom, so you may wish to incorporate an en-suite or wet room into your plans if you have the space. Similarly, walk-in wardrobes or dressing rooms can elevate a bedroom into an exclusive area that makes getting ready each morning a joyful experience.

bespoke bedrooms

If you have any existing large pieces of furniture that you want to include in your plans, like a bed, storage, shelving, artwork, or seating, make sure you take accurate measurements so that you can make the best decision about positioning each piece.

Try to keep your bedroom design as simple as possible, with enough storage to ensure that the room stays de-cluttered and clear. Bookshelves, under-bed drawers, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, and storage chests are all options that allow you to keep your bedroom tidy while complementing with your overall aesthetic – choose materials, colours and textiles that suit your design to co-ordinate with other elements in your room.

Define a few choice focal points such as a stunning statement bed or headboard, a beautiful built-in wardrobe or a vintage piece of furniture. Complement these with timeless and stylish design choices like hardwood floors, shuttered windows or a luxurious rug.

Add your own unique style with individual details such as artwork, feature walls, bed linen, cushions, or even by incorporating luxury tiling into your bedroom decoration. As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, interesting tiling can create an amazing look for bedroom walls, and even work as a headboard.

Walk-in wardrobes or bespoke fitted wardrobes are a must in any luxury bedroom, providing you with the space and organisation to store and display your clothes and accessories while keeping in line with your overall bedroom design. The great thing about built-in wardrobes is the ability to pick and choose different storage elements; from rails to drawers to shelves to specially designed shoe racks and tie holders!

And finally, don’t forget about lighting. To set different moods in your bedroom, you’ll need the ability to choose between a variety of lighting styles: from bright and welcoming to warm and romantic. Discuss lighting options with your interior designer and architect to incorporate fixed lights into your bedroom, and consider additional lamps and lights to be positioned around the room.

For more examples of beautiful bespoke bedroom ideas, get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Hotel Style Bedroom and Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

hotel style bathroom design

Our exclusive setting out service offers bespoke interior design in Marlow and across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Surrey and we make sure we tailor each project to our clients’ specific tastes and personalities. Hotel style is a much-coveted area of interior design when it comes to bathrooms and bedrooms, conjuring up luxurious weekends away with your partner and bringing a feel of exclusivity to your home. For developers, creating bespoke bedrooms influenced by chic hotel style can be a useful selling point and add an element of luxury to your project.

hotel style bathroom and bedroom design

So, how to create hotel style in your bedroom interior design? Well, here are just a few ideas to get you started – come and visit us at Concept Virtual Design to talk over your wishes and requirements for your bedroom interior design and we’ll help you to come up with a perfectly unique plan!

  • Make a focal point of your bed – after all, what else is a bedroom for? Hotel style means overdressing your bed with linens, bedspreads, cushions and sumptuous throws and blankets. Oversized headboards and statement walls behind beds are a fantastic trend and can be achieved using tiling, wallpaper, fabric, artwork and mirrors.
  • Use bold patterns, rich plains and crisp neutrals – hotel style is understated but utilises statement patterns and designs to contrast against high-quality neutrals and plains. Consider a bold wallpaper with a calming tone of paint, or patterned bed linens against bright white sheets.
  • Add interest and light with reflective surfaces – texture and reflective surfaces help to bring extra light into your bedroom as well as adding a fantastic element of unique design. Go beyond mirrored surfaces and choose reflective wallpaper or textured luxury tiles.

bespoke wardrobe design

  • Go for fitted furniture and bespoke wardrobes – it’s worth investing in furniture that fits perfectly in your bedroom, especially when it comes to bookshelves, wardrobes and clothes storage. Bespoke wardrobes allow you to choose different compartments and sections that suit your needs perfectly.
  • Make a centrepiece of your favourite furniture – relax in a comfy armchair or lounge in a luxurious chaise and make a centrepiece of beautiful furniture. Seating areas and dressing tables definitely belong in the bedroom, providing a space to relax and unwind.
  • Aim for symmetry and simplicity – simple is always best when it comes to luxury design. If you have high quality fittings and fixtures, and an adaptable foundation for your interior design, you can customise your bedroom with decorative items, splashes of colour, mood-enhancing lighting and striking artwork.
  • Choose the best quality where it counts – you can afford to invest in luxurious rugs, carpets, or sleek wooden flooring in your bedroom as it’s the one room in your house that has the least foot traffic. You could even go for underfloor heating for a truly cosy design. Similarly, your window dressings aren’t something you replace very often so it’s worth opting for high quality blinds or curtains that will last. And, of course, your bed is the most important element of any bedroom, so make sure it’s as comfortable as possible.
  • Link your bedroom design with your bathroom – whether you have an en-suite, master bathroom, shower room or wet room, join your interior design together and incorporate similar elements in both your bedroom and your bathroom area. This brings a sense of cohesion, especially in a development project.

hotel style bathroom and bedroom design

For more advice and ideas on hotel style bedrooms and any aspect of luxury interior design, please get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design. We have a showroom in Maidenhead and cover the whole Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey area.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Walk-in Wardrobes and Bespoke Bedroom Storage

A walk-in wardrobe or bespoke in-built wardrobe is a fantastic addition to any luxury bedroom and can add value to your home or development. Custom-built wardrobes and dressing rooms allow you to organise your bedroom neatly and efficiently, while maximising the best use of your space.

walk-in wardrobe design

Walk-in Wardrobes and Dressing Rooms:

Walk-in wardrobes are a much-coveted luxury and really boost the appeal of a master bedroom. Often used in conjunction with an en-suite or shower room, a dressing room provides a separate space for storing and choosing your clothes and accessories, and keeps any clutter out of the bedroom. A walk-in wardrobe can also serve as a sanctuary space in your bedroom area, providing a link from your bathroom to your bedroom that ensures your clothes are well organised and your sleeping space remains clear and tranquil.

When planning a walk-in wardrobe it’s important to consider the best way to make use of the space you have available. If you are planning a refurbishment you may need to move walls or adapt an existing room to create your dressing room. Attic areas usually offer plenty of extra space in the form of awkward corners and unused areas which can be perfect for converting into a private wardrobe. If you are planning a new luxury development, dressing rooms can be incorporated into your design at an early stage along with en-suites, shower rooms and wet rooms.

bespoke wardrobe design

Luxury Bespoke Bedroom Design:

It’s a good idea to position your dressing room in a place that works with the natural ‘traffic’ of the area – ideally adjacent to your bedroom and your bathroom. That way you will have a place to dress and ready yourself for the day after bathing or showering, without the need to clutter up your bedroom with towels, clothes, accessories or beauty products. Useful additions to walk-in wardrobes include seated areas, mood lighting and mirrors so that you can take your time and relax while you get ready.

Bespoke Wardrobes:

Custom-built wardrobes allow you to save space by integrating your clothes storage into your bedroom and match your overall interior design aesthetic. Bespoke wardrobes can be built into unused space in your bedroom, or simply placed against an existing wall. If you don’t have enough room in your bedroom, space can be created by moving a wall back into another room that can spare a few feet.

A built-in wardrobe should be viewed as fixture rather than a piece of furniture – it should blend into your bedroom as a part of your interior design and should be made from high quality materials so it is built to last. Choose from wood, glass or mirrored doors, in colours to complement the rest of your bedroom design. Light colours and reflective surfaces will help your wardrobe to bounce light around your bedroom, while deep, rich colours will add an element of luxury. There are a range of different door styles available, including pivot doors, bi-fold doors and sliding doors – think about how your wardrobe doors will affect your bedroom space when they’re open.

Wardrobe Organisation:

The great thing about a bespoke wardrobe or dressing room is the ability to customise your organisation. Designate different areas of your wardrobe for shoes, shirts, trousers, hanging items, accessories and boxes to simplify your life and make finding the perfect outfit easy each morning. Combine rails, shelving, drawers and specially designed organisational compartments to create a storage solution that suits your needs exactly.

bespoke wardrobes

Creating your perfect bedroom space means taking into account the different elements of an ideal sleeping space: a comfortable bed, a relaxing atmosphere, a luxury en-suite or shower room, and storage that complements and enhances your bedroom area. A built-in wardrobe or dressing room is the obvious solution and can add value to your home as well as providing you with an intelligent storage design. Get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design for help designing your luxury bespoke bedroom.

Luxury Bathrooms, Bespoke Studies and Beautiful Bedrooms

At Concept Virtual Design, we don’t just deal with luxury bathrooms and shower rooms. Our bespoke design, supply and setting out service can be used throughout your refurbishment or development, from bedrooms to en suites, studies to dressing rooms. You can see examples of our exclusive interior design options at our Maidenhead showroom, which was described by Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine as “enticing” and received a perfect score in their mystery shopper review this year.

luxury  bathroom design berkshire, buckinghamshire, surrey

Alongside stunning luxury bathrooms, steam rooms and wet rooms, we are also able to help you to seamlessly coordinate the rest of your interior design, including furniture, brassware, tiling and sanitaryware. We work with architects, refurbishment contractors, developers, private clients and luxury house builders to achieve the highest quality aesthetic for each project, providing our A3 colour interior design service in the following areas across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey:

  • Ascot & Sunningdale
  • Beaconsfield
  • Cookham
  • Gerrards Cross
  • Henley
  • Maidenhead & Bray
  • Marlow
  • Virginia Water & Wentworth
  • Windsor

Visit our Maidenhead showroom to see a little more of what Concept Virtual Design can offer your development or refurbishment. KKB Magazine recently gave us a 10 out of 10 review for our beautiful bathrooms, shower rooms,wet rooms, and exclusive interior design.

Our detailed design and setting out service provides easy organisation and visualisation for clients, contractors and tradesmen. With every aspect of design in place right from the earliest planning stages, including position of plumbing, pipework, electrics, lighting and tiling, unnecessary mistakes are avoided and schedules run as smoothly as possible.

luxury  bathroom design berkshire, buckinghamshire, surrey

Built-in bespoke wardrobes, beautiful bedrooms, custom studies and luxury bathrooms all work together to create your perfect interior design throughout your build or refurbishment, seamlessly designed and planned by Concept Virtual Design.

Designer Tiles for New Developments

Designer tiles needn’t be restricted to bathrooms and shower rooms. Beautiful interior design is about finding the right aesthetic for every room, and designer tiling can be applied to a great variety of locations, from headboards to dividing walls, stairs to mantelpieces. This style of luxury interior design is perfect for new developments, as you are able to work with a blank canvas to create exactly the look you’re after. Designer tiles can elevate a new development into a unique and luxurious space that will entice clients to make themselves at home.

designer bedroom tiling

This stunning use of tiling creates a subtle textured headboard for a bespoke bedroom, making use of the reflective detail in the tiles to bring interest and light to an intimate space. Tiles can be used for bedrooms in many ways, including linking flooring into an en-suite or walk-in wardrobe, embellishing storage areas or providing a feature wall.

Designer tiles can be used to great effect in exclusive public spaces too, such as the chic spa changing room below. The designer tiling here has been used to highlight a dividing wall as well as giving interest to walls and providing a clean and functional floor. Intelligent lighting design has also been used to create an open and inviting atmosphere. This seamless look is so simple but is a fantastic example of effective use of designer tiling.

designer bathroom tiles

For more information about using designer tiling for your new development, or for any aspect of luxury interior design, get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design.

Designer Tiling for Luxury Development Interior Design

designer tiling for luxury developments

Luxury developments can create a sense of exclusivity with interior design – a coherence that moves from room to room. A simple, practical and elegant way to achieve this is by using designer tiling.

Designer tiles can be used to create a flow from one room to another, whether they are placed on the floor, walls, or used to provide interest or highlight feature areas. A popular choice for this method is to coordinate an en suite with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. Since these rooms will be positioned next to or close by one another, incorporating designer tiling into the décor can bring a chic and seamless look to your interior design.

Similarly, bathrooms, wet rooms, shower areas and steam rooms can all be coordinated using matching or complementary designer tiles. These can be incorporated into dividing walls, flooring, built-in storage areas, and feature walls. Luxury spa developments can also make great use of coordinating designer tiles to turn communal areas and treatment rooms into spaces that reflect the brand and atmosphere of the business.

designer tiling for luxury developments

You can even use designer tiling to match rooms that aren’t adjacent to each other, bringing a sense of your bedroom style into your en suite, or coordinating your kitchen with your bathroom.

Other methods of creating a ‘flow’ between different rooms include lighting, storage, fixtures and soft furnishings. Our setting out and interior design service will help you to make decisions on all aspects of your luxury development, from the positioning of wall switches to the style of designer tile you choose for  your bathroom floor. Get in touch to find out how our A3 colour design service can streamline your development schedule and coordinate every room for a stunning and coherent design aesthetic.

Concept Virtual Design Wows KBB Mystery Shopper With 10/10 Score

Concept Virtual Design has received a perfect score from a mystery shopper review by KBB Review, who described our Maidenhead showroom as “classy” with “friendly service – a winning combination”.

Maidenhead luxury bathroom showroom

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine is a leading independent reviewer of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, and has been providing valuable objective advice for designers, architects and private clients for over 25 years. Winners of their monthly mystery shopper reviews are automatically shortlisted for the KKB Review Awards, which will be held in Birmingham in March, 2014. The reviewer who visited the Concept Virtual Design showroom said she had never given a 10/10 rating before and that our attention to detail was evident in our displays and the customer service she received during her visit.

Here’s the KBB review in full:

From its black painted exterior to its imaginative window displays, this Villeroy & Boch bathroom showroom enticed me in.

There was a circular bath in the window with a gold mosaic walk-in spiral shower behind. Further in, I found more examples of showers and baths, plus a separate room showcasing Art Linea basin options, including console and wall-hung models all set against silver crocodile skin wallpaper. Frank Sinatra crooning softly in the background underlined the classy presentation.

The Showroom manager joined me and couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly. She explained how V&B basins, furniture and tiles all came in a variety of sizes so that I would be guaranteed to find something to fit. “Also, prices range from £89 for a basin to over £800, so it is very easy for us to meet your budget.”

luxury spa shower

We’re thrilled that the mystery shopper from KKB loved our showroom, and we like to think it’s certainly not run-of-the-mill. We invest time and attention to all our customers, some of whom we have long-term business relationships with, letting them know that we are serious about their business and their individual projects. Concept Virtual Design works with luxury developers, architects, and private clients to provide exclusive interior design services and high quality products and fittings for bathrooms, wet rooms, steam rooms, bedrooms, and studies.