The Ultimate Shower

The Ultimate Shower

When putting together a luxury, high end bathroom, a dive into the world of indulgent showering experiences brings out some
exceptional developments in technology that advance showering to a sophisticated, decadent level.

The Ultimate Shower

Potentially the best shower in the world, the Aquasymphony from Grohe is a mind-blowing step forward in innovative showering experiences that transform a daily ritual into so much more. With 6 different water spray modes, you can tailor the light, sound and steam combination to match your mood. The popular classic rain setting will bring you a fresh summer rain to soothe your soul, while “Pure XL” will provide a soft stream of pure water from the centre of the shower unit, reminiscent of a waterfall. Two variations of the Drizzle setting create a truly sumptuous cooling mist, while four choices in a pulsating Bokoma spray will give an in-shower massage to work tired muscles to focus on wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Concept’s team of in-house designers and luxury installers can help integrate luxury shower products into a sophisticated design for Statement Master En Suite Bathrooms Projects, Spa and Wellness Areas for example. Our professional team can help tailor style and functionality for a beautiful harmonious home spa feel.

The Ultimate Shower

For more information on how we can help on your high end renovation or luxury development, send us an email and we’ll get back to you straight away.

Wet Room Showers

Wet Room Showers

If you’re planning a luxury bathroom refurbishment or a new build, then a wet room is a fantastic option, providing a beautiful addition to private homes, hotels, spas, and high-end developments of all sizes.

The wet room has an emphasis on both practicality and luxury, and something to suit every taste. Wet room showers can be adapted to your needs; there is no need for an enclosure or shower door, they are 100% waterproof, and with the option to have a shower diameter of just 1 metre, you can achieve maximum impact from a minimalist design.

Wet Room Showers

We work with a premium supplier of shower solutions, offering innovative and elegant wet room showers with unique design variations which are both practical and reliable. These have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for your chosen development, and we can help you achieve your goals of a beautiful luxury renovation.

Here at Concept Virtual Design, we can provide a fully detailed design service for your wet room development. Our design service includes fully understanding your budget and how it can be used effectively to create the high-end development you’re looking for, as well as establishing accurate time-scales, and remaining flexible in case changes need to be made.

Wet Room Showers

We understand that luxury, comfort, practicality, and safety are all part of a sophisticated wet room shower. We can provide you with the support of a highly experienced interior design team throughout your project, as well as showing what the fixtures and fittings will look like, so you can choose the perfect design for your refurbishments.

For help designing your perfect luxury wet room, please contact Concept Virtual Design – designing luxury projects for private clients in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire and across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

Choose a Feature Shower for a Luxury Bathroom

feature shower

Feature showers are at the forefront of modern bathroom design, providing an architectural focal point for a luxury showering space that is a joy to use. There’s no need to tuck your shower away in the corner of your bathroom, especially if you are spending time and money to create a luxury bathing space or spa bathroom.

Feature showers work well in open-plan bathrooms, or can stand alone in a shower room or wet room. You can choose to highlight your feature shower with tiling, integrated storage and shelving, panels, lighting, flooring and a range of beautiful shower fixtures. By placing your shower in a bold or central position in your bathroom you will allow for easy access and a spacious showering area. With a feature shower you are not constrained to a small, awkward corner enclosure – stretch out and enjoy the space of a single panel shower area, or a circular, C-shape or S-shape shower!

luxury feature shower

One of the most exciting aspects of a feature shower is the opportunity to truly spoil yourself with an exhilarating showering experience, from spa jets to a ‘monsoon’ shower, built-in seating to bespoke lighting. Switch from hot to cold with clever thermostatically controlled water to find your perfect temperature, and add mood lighting to bring an atmosphere of relaxation to your shower. Some feature showers even provide rejuvenating massage therapy with 360-degree water jets to ease tired muscles at the end of the day or start your morning with a blast of energy.

The options for feature showers are endless – find the right solution for your perfect shower by combining the practical with the aesthetic. For help planning your feature shower, spa bathroom, or wet room, Concept Virtual Design has everything you need.

Luxury Spa Bathrooms

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place of luxury – somewhere you can relax and forget about the world for the time it takes to enjoy a bath. And why not make that bath a spa bath so you can  massage your aches away after a long day at work? Creating a spa bathroom is the latest must-have in any new build or renovation. A spa bathroom allows you to recreate all the luxuries of a stylish spa in the comfort of your own home.

luxury spa bathroom design

A spa bathroom combines top quality fixtures and fittings with stunning design to create a room that you will love spending time in. And the style is up to you – from traditional and period looks that incorporate antique furniture and unique accessories, to cutting-edge contemporary designs that offer a modern twist on bathing and showering.

Work with us at Concept Virtual Design to determine the best layout for your spa bathroom with elements that suit you and your personal style, from wetrooms to massage jet baths, double basins to free-standing showers.

luxury spa bathroom design

Less is usually more when it comes to designing a spa bathroom, with storage solutions that keep clutter out of sight, and sleek and seamless tiling and fittings. Choose the best possible quality materials you can afford and consult with our professional and exclusive interior design service in order to find the most effective floor plan for your space.

Here are just a few classic elements of a spa bathroom to give you some inspiration:

  • Go for the boutique hotel look with vintage roll-top baths, statement wallpaper and unique furniture.
  • Optimise the light using reflective surfaces like glass tiles and mirrors.
  • Mount beautiful designer basins on countertops, tables and vanity units.
  • Conceal storage and lighting for an exclusive and expensive look.
  • If you’re looking to cut costs but still achieve a high-quality style, choose a simple bath and basin and combine with a top of the range shower and taps.
  • Similarly, keep decor simple and tasteful and highlight the room with statement tiles and interesting features.
  • A wetroom or shower room gives any bathroom that indulgent spa feeling, and seamless tiling gives the appearance of more space.

Whatever your plans for a spa bathroom, Concept Virtual Design can make your dream luxury bathroom design can help you to create the perfect environment for relaxing and bathing with our virtual design service.

Luxury Wet Room Showers

If you want to create a beautiful, seamless, luxury wet room shower, chances are you don’t want the inconvenience and unpleasant aesthetic of a traditional shower tray cluttering up your design. Floor-level showers allow the entire wet room to be tiled, including the floor, making your entire shower room look consistent and high-spec – even down to the drain.

Fundo Riolito and Riofino tileable shower floor units allow your shower tray to sit at floor level, working perfectly with the rest of your wet room design to provide a reliable, practical and stunning finish.

luxury wet room shower

Having the option of a floor-level drainage system means that the design options for luxury wet rooms and bathrooms are greatly increased. Decide on your placement, size and tiling, and rely on the easy-to-install sealed Fundo Riolito drain, waterproof coating and ready-made slope to finish your shower room perfectly. With classic square and rectangular options, you can also choose from stainless steel, tile or natural stone covers for your floor-level shower element.

A wet room is an enormous asset to any home, development, or commercial property, combining ample luxurious showering space with efficient technology. Fundo Riolito and Fundo Riofino shower floor units are a great option for creating a seamless wet room. Get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design for a virtual design service to help you visualise your ideal luxury wet room shower.