New Villeroy and Boch tiles

Our beautiful new ranges of tiles from Villeroy & Boch offer you a variety of luxurious designs to create the perfect finish for your high-end development. Whether you’re looking for harmonious colour, contrast, or inspiration from artistic history, we can offer you the perfect tiles to meet your needs.


Villeroy & Boch’s modern and minimalist Monochrome Magic range makes a powerful and attractive statement. Utilising the stark contrast of black against white to create an impact, the range offers luxurious style to bring balance to whichever room is chosen. Available in matte and shine finishes, Monochrome Magic tiles are especially effective when used for shower areas, and can create a sense of space in any room within your development project.


Warm rust tones bring style and luxury to the Metallic Illusion tiles, reinventing a once-maligned aspect of design and transforming it into inspirational beauty, exhibiting a range of colours from dark brown to pastel green to reflect the intricacies of the aging process. The surfaces of Metallic Illusion tiles have a cement-like structure, with pleasant warming rust tone shimmering through them. Each tile is unique, and such a varied design makes a wonderfully stylish addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms alike, high-end hotel and shopfittings, and is equally at home in loft and country-house developments.


For a particularly distinctive tile effect, the Mon Coeur collection celebrates the great success of art nouveau, transforming interior design into an affair of the heart to create luxury development perfectly personalised for you. Artistically decorated tiles harken back to the early twentieth Century achievements of Villeroy & Boch, with unique colours and attractive artisan designs. Handcrafted colour gradations and stunning artistic reliefs make this range of tiles particularly special, combination artisanal tradition and old design techniques in a luxuriously modern context.


The right luxury tile for your luxury development project can be found in our state-of-the-art Maidenhead showroom. Find out more about our stunning new range and what our design team can do for you today.

Beautiful Bespoke Bedrooms, from Top to Bottom

Creating your perfect bespoke bedroom means bringing the entire design together in a cohesive way – incorporating an effective layout with quality furniture and all the little details that make your room unique. Your bedroom should be a tranquil and luxurious place where you can relax at the end of the day, but it’s needn’t be just for sleeping! Your bedroom can also be your dressing room, a place to read or watch films, or even act as a home-office. To design your ideal bedroom, you need to decide exactly what purpose the room will serve. If you’re a developer designing several different types of bedroom, think about the type of buyer you want to appeal to – young professionals, families, people looking for a retirement home – and consider the types of bedroom fixtures and furnishings that would be most useful to them.

bespoke bedrooms

When we work with architects, developers and project managers to design bespoke bedrooms, we look at the whole design as well as its composite parts, from top to bottom. Our A3 colour design and setting out service means that you are able to refer to a detailed plan of the room at every stage of construction and decoration, including individual elements like lighting and electrics, door positioning, and dimensions of bespoke furniture like built-in wardrobes. This allows each trade to work efficiently with each other and reduces the risk of delays or mistakes.

So, what are the elements that make a beautiful bespoke bedroom?

First, it’s essential to create the right floor plan. Traffic flow will move move mostly between the bedroom and the bathroom, so you may wish to incorporate an en-suite or wet room into your plans if you have the space. Similarly, walk-in wardrobes or dressing rooms can elevate a bedroom into an exclusive area that makes getting ready each morning a joyful experience.

bespoke bedrooms

If you have any existing large pieces of furniture that you want to include in your plans, like a bed, storage, shelving, artwork, or seating, make sure you take accurate measurements so that you can make the best decision about positioning each piece.

Try to keep your bedroom design as simple as possible, with enough storage to ensure that the room stays de-cluttered and clear. Bookshelves, under-bed drawers, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, and storage chests are all options that allow you to keep your bedroom tidy while complementing with your overall aesthetic – choose materials, colours and textiles that suit your design to co-ordinate with other elements in your room.

Define a few choice focal points such as a stunning statement bed or headboard, a beautiful built-in wardrobe or a vintage piece of furniture. Complement these with timeless and stylish design choices like hardwood floors, shuttered windows or a luxurious rug.

Add your own unique style with individual details such as artwork, feature walls, bed linen, cushions, or even by incorporating luxury tiling into your bedroom decoration. As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, interesting tiling can create an amazing look for bedroom walls, and even work as a headboard.

Walk-in wardrobes or bespoke fitted wardrobes are a must in any luxury bedroom, providing you with the space and organisation to store and display your clothes and accessories while keeping in line with your overall bedroom design. The great thing about built-in wardrobes is the ability to pick and choose different storage elements; from rails to drawers to shelves to specially designed shoe racks and tie holders!

And finally, don’t forget about lighting. To set different moods in your bedroom, you’ll need the ability to choose between a variety of lighting styles: from bright and welcoming to warm and romantic. Discuss lighting options with your interior designer and architect to incorporate fixed lights into your bedroom, and consider additional lamps and lights to be positioned around the room.

For more examples of beautiful bespoke bedroom ideas, get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Luxury Interior Design for Developers in Buckinghamshire

Our expert interior design team in Buckinghamshire have helped many luxury developers to create an elegant high end look for a variety of projects, including this stylish development incorporating vintage elements with modern fixtures and fittings:

luxury interior design for Buckinghamshire developers

Luxury interior design for developments is all about finding a balance between style and budget while ensuring that fixtures and furnishings are high quality. Concept Virtual Design’s setting out and A3 colour design service ensures that contractors have every detail they need to carry out work efficiently and quickly, saving you time and money and keeping to your schedule. Our designs include precise details of pipe positioning, electrics, doorways, windows and everything each individual trade will need to know to get their jobs finished fast.

luxury interior design for Buckinghamshire developers

This particular project focused on striking contrasts between dark and light, old and new, with traditional elements working seamlessly with modern fittings and decor, such as athe combination of beautiful exposed beams above a chic, contemporary free-standing bath.

luxury interior design for Buckinghamshire developers

Making the most of any space is at the core of interior design, creating luxurious and inviting rooms that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. We work with architects, developers, luxury house builders, private clients and contractors to put together a comprehensive set of designs for each project, from furniture and wallpaper all the way to special lighting technology and underfloor heating. We are experts in interior design and can provide unique visual designs for bathrooms, bedrooms, bespoke storage and wardrobes, luxury bathrooms, shower rooms, steam rooms and wet rooms.

luxury interior design for Buckinghamshire developers

Concept Virtual Design offers sophisticated and creative virtual design services for luxury developers across Buckinghamshire in Beaconsfield, Cookham, Gerrards Cross, Henley, Marlow and Windsor, as well as Berkshire and Surrey. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your development to run as smoothly as possible.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Designer Tiles for New Developments

Designer tiles needn’t be restricted to bathrooms and shower rooms. Beautiful interior design is about finding the right aesthetic for every room, and designer tiling can be applied to a great variety of locations, from headboards to dividing walls, stairs to mantelpieces. This style of luxury interior design is perfect for new developments, as you are able to work with a blank canvas to create exactly the look you’re after. Designer tiles can elevate a new development into a unique and luxurious space that will entice clients to make themselves at home.

designer bedroom tiling

This stunning use of tiling creates a subtle textured headboard for a bespoke bedroom, making use of the reflective detail in the tiles to bring interest and light to an intimate space. Tiles can be used for bedrooms in many ways, including linking flooring into an en-suite or walk-in wardrobe, embellishing storage areas or providing a feature wall.

Designer tiles can be used to great effect in exclusive public spaces too, such as the chic spa changing room below. The designer tiling here has been used to highlight a dividing wall as well as giving interest to walls and providing a clean and functional floor. Intelligent lighting design has also been used to create an open and inviting atmosphere. This seamless look is so simple but is a fantastic example of effective use of designer tiling.

designer bathroom tiles

For more information about using designer tiling for your new development, or for any aspect of luxury interior design, get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design.

Designer Tiling for Luxury Development Interior Design

designer tiling for luxury developments

Luxury developments can create a sense of exclusivity with interior design – a coherence that moves from room to room. A simple, practical and elegant way to achieve this is by using designer tiling.

Designer tiles can be used to create a flow from one room to another, whether they are placed on the floor, walls, or used to provide interest or highlight feature areas. A popular choice for this method is to coordinate an en suite with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. Since these rooms will be positioned next to or close by one another, incorporating designer tiling into the décor can bring a chic and seamless look to your interior design.

Similarly, bathrooms, wet rooms, shower areas and steam rooms can all be coordinated using matching or complementary designer tiles. These can be incorporated into dividing walls, flooring, built-in storage areas, and feature walls. Luxury spa developments can also make great use of coordinating designer tiles to turn communal areas and treatment rooms into spaces that reflect the brand and atmosphere of the business.

designer tiling for luxury developments

You can even use designer tiling to match rooms that aren’t adjacent to each other, bringing a sense of your bedroom style into your en suite, or coordinating your kitchen with your bathroom.

Other methods of creating a ‘flow’ between different rooms include lighting, storage, fixtures and soft furnishings. Our setting out and interior design service will help you to make decisions on all aspects of your luxury development, from the positioning of wall switches to the style of designer tile you choose for  your bathroom floor. Get in touch to find out how our A3 colour design service can streamline your development schedule and coordinate every room for a stunning and coherent design aesthetic.

Concept Virtual Design Wows KBB Mystery Shopper With 10/10 Score

Concept Virtual Design has received a perfect score from a mystery shopper review by KBB Review, who described our Maidenhead showroom as “classy” with “friendly service – a winning combination”.

Maidenhead luxury bathroom showroom

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine is a leading independent reviewer of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, and has been providing valuable objective advice for designers, architects and private clients for over 25 years. Winners of their monthly mystery shopper reviews are automatically shortlisted for the KKB Review Awards, which will be held in Birmingham in March, 2014. The reviewer who visited the Concept Virtual Design showroom said she had never given a 10/10 rating before and that our attention to detail was evident in our displays and the customer service she received during her visit.

Here’s the KBB review in full:

From its black painted exterior to its imaginative window displays, this Villeroy & Boch bathroom showroom enticed me in.

There was a circular bath in the window with a gold mosaic walk-in spiral shower behind. Further in, I found more examples of showers and baths, plus a separate room showcasing Art Linea basin options, including console and wall-hung models all set against silver crocodile skin wallpaper. Frank Sinatra crooning softly in the background underlined the classy presentation.

The Showroom manager joined me and couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly. She explained how V&B basins, furniture and tiles all came in a variety of sizes so that I would be guaranteed to find something to fit. “Also, prices range from £89 for a basin to over £800, so it is very easy for us to meet your budget.”

luxury spa shower

We’re thrilled that the mystery shopper from KKB loved our showroom, and we like to think it’s certainly not run-of-the-mill. We invest time and attention to all our customers, some of whom we have long-term business relationships with, letting them know that we are serious about their business and their individual projects. Concept Virtual Design works with luxury developers, architects, and private clients to provide exclusive interior design services and high quality products and fittings for bathrooms, wet rooms, steam rooms, bedrooms, and studies.


The Leading Edge in Luxury Developments

Concept Virtual Design will always be the leading edge in designing the latest products for new luxury developments, providing the highest quality fixtures and fittings, furniture and interior design that will raise the profile of any new build.

Leading edge luxury bathroom design

We use only the very best products for our exclusive interior design services, offering top range products for luxury bathroom design, bespoke bedrooms and beautiful studies, creating a seamless aesthetic that flows from room to room.

We provide an architectural design and setting out service to those looking to produce stunning luxury developments, supplying sanitary ware, tiles, brass ware, wardrobes and furniture to architects, developers and refurbishment contractors so that they can make their vision a reality.

Our free A3 colour visual design and setting out service enables problem-free development from the very first stages, ensuring that all trades involved in your development are provided with the technical information and tools they need to keep on schedule and budget.

Leading edge luxury bathroom products

Your customers will love our range of leading edge products – get in touch to find out how Concept Virtual Design can help streamline your development.

Luxury Spa Bathrooms

A bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place of luxury – somewhere you can relax and forget about the world for the time it takes to enjoy a bath. And why not make that bath a spa bath so you can  massage your aches away after a long day at work? Creating a spa bathroom is the latest must-have in any new build or renovation. A spa bathroom allows you to recreate all the luxuries of a stylish spa in the comfort of your own home.

luxury spa bathroom design

A spa bathroom combines top quality fixtures and fittings with stunning design to create a room that you will love spending time in. And the style is up to you – from traditional and period looks that incorporate antique furniture and unique accessories, to cutting-edge contemporary designs that offer a modern twist on bathing and showering.

Work with us at Concept Virtual Design to determine the best layout for your spa bathroom with elements that suit you and your personal style, from wetrooms to massage jet baths, double basins to free-standing showers.

luxury spa bathroom design

Less is usually more when it comes to designing a spa bathroom, with storage solutions that keep clutter out of sight, and sleek and seamless tiling and fittings. Choose the best possible quality materials you can afford and consult with our professional and exclusive interior design service in order to find the most effective floor plan for your space.

Here are just a few classic elements of a spa bathroom to give you some inspiration:

  • Go for the boutique hotel look with vintage roll-top baths, statement wallpaper and unique furniture.
  • Optimise the light using reflective surfaces like glass tiles and mirrors.
  • Mount beautiful designer basins on countertops, tables and vanity units.
  • Conceal storage and lighting for an exclusive and expensive look.
  • If you’re looking to cut costs but still achieve a high-quality style, choose a simple bath and basin and combine with a top of the range shower and taps.
  • Similarly, keep decor simple and tasteful and highlight the room with statement tiles and interesting features.
  • A wetroom or shower room gives any bathroom that indulgent spa feeling, and seamless tiling gives the appearance of more space.

Whatever your plans for a spa bathroom, Concept Virtual Design can make your dream luxury bathroom design can help you to create the perfect environment for relaxing and bathing with our virtual design service.

Designing a Bespoke Bedroom – Choosing Your Furniture

bespoke bedroom design

When you want to design a bespoke bedroom, the furniture you choose must serve several purposes: it must have a functional use, match your interior design style and possibly also provide additional storage or a second practical purpose. As William Morris once said:

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.”

Before you begin to plan your bedroom, make a list of essential pieces (beds, wardrobes and clothes storage), secondary elements (flooring, seating, lighting and shelving), and finally decorative items (mirrors and artwork). Browse online, look through magazines, and in stores to gain a sense of your preferred style – think about materials, fabrics, tones, colours, textures and finishes. You can then start to put together a mood board or folder containing the types of furniture and styling that suits you best. It’s also important to consider the rest of your home’s décor to ensure that your interior design is consistent. Look at what you already have in your home and look for complementary pieces that will give a sense of flow throughout the house.

When choosing your bedroom furniture, think about what you will use each piece for. Can a desk double as storage? Can a bench house media storage or a hidden television? Can you adjust your space to make room for a walk-in wardrobe or en-suite? Find out what is most important to you in a bedroom and take the time to consider every option to make your design perfect.

Before you make any final decisions you will need an accurate floor plan of your bedroom. Concept Virtual Design’s virtual setting out service can be a valuable tool at this point and can help you to visualise your bedroom furniture in place. Our A3 colour design service allows you to see exactly what your bespoke bedroom will look like, including the positioning of electrical sockets, doorways, windows and any other specific dimensions of your room. Once you are sure your chosen pieces fit well – or have the dimensions you need to commission bespoke furniture – you can start to put together your design and purchase your furniture!

Creating a Period Style Bathroom

If you love period style, create a beautiful vintage bathroom by combining high quality fixtures with unique pieces of furniture to bring a mix of old and new together in harmony.

Firstly, decide on the type of vintage style you’d like to create – from iconic Art Deco or classic Victorian, there’s a wealth of inspiration to be had from years gone by. Do some research into the type of look your favourite era produced and think about which elements you’d like to incorporate into your bathroom. You don’t need to be completely authentic or bring period style to every aspect of your bathroom in order to create the look you want – sometimes it’s a case of choosing just a few central elements to give a sense of the era you’d like to emulate, for example: a stunning roll-top bath, striking black and white tiling or wallpaper.

period bathroom style

Mixing and matching can have a great effect, bringing together luxurious fittings, interesting antiques, artwork and modern elements to create a truly unique bathroom. If you’re going for genuine vintage pieces you may need to be patient in order to find the right piece of furniture for your space, but if you’re impatient you can always look for reproductions or modern units that emulate your chosen style.

If you already have period features in your bathroom try to make them the focal point of the room. Fireplaces, alcoves, bare floorboards and original tiles all deserve to be flaunted! You can also find original pieces that bring extra character into your bathroom at antique dealers, reclamation yards and even online – why not add a cast iron radiator, fit wooden shutters to the window, turn an old ladder into a shelving unit or restore a beautiful framed mirror?

period design bathroom

The options are endless when it comes to creating a period style bathroom, but if you need a little help designing your perfect luxury vintage bathroom. Let Concept Virtual Design bring your ideas to life with our exclusive interior design service see reviews here.