Inspirational Grohe Bathrooms

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

Concept’s knowledge and experience of the wider marketplace has led us to have a particular specialism in designing strikingly beautiful bathrooms that function just as luxuriously. Our professional expertise in designing Grohe’s astonishingly elegant collections into sumptuous bathrooms for high end townhouses and apartments in Berkshire, Surrey & London.

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

Bathrooms have become opportunities for exploration and expansion into a room way above practicality, into a world of holistic wellbeing, a canvas for art and a defining statement for luxury homes. Colour themes from around the house can be worked into a bathroom space allowing for seamless flow and movement between rooms. Concept are experts in following this focus to develop a space that can provide a sanctuary from the everyday busyness and chaos, or can invigorate and energise a morning routine, for example.

Concept’s instinctive feel for design is second to none, with our professional in house team offering creative high end designs that ensure obsessive attention to detail and all colours, styles and materials explored to find the perfect end result. Our vast portfolio of projects speaks for itself, offering prime examples of our outstanding projects that we’ve worked on

Simply drop us a message to find out how our designs can help you achieve the perfect sumptuous statement bathroom for a luxurious home.

Harnessing Grohe’s Inspiration

GROHE’s Unrivalled Innovation

GROHE Innovation Award 2016

GROHE continue to prove that they are the industry leaders, when it comes to creating innovative products by winning the prestigious Innovator Of The Year 2016 award. Their products showcase quality, innovative technologies and exciting sustainable designs.

Architectural Bathroom Design

GROHE New Shower Toilet

GROHE dedication to sustainability is clearly evident, while their Innovator of the Year award is highly deserved – their intelligent designs use technologies that are perfectly adapted to suit the user’s needs. GROHE have developed a sophisticated toilet that takes hygiene to a new level, while integrating sustainability measures such as GROHE Ecojoy, which allows you to save water whilst still giving you the comfort and top level experience you expect from a top quality product. Your experience can be fine-tuned to suit your individual preference, with adjustable water pressure and temperature, to ensure you feel both clean and comfortable. The Grohe Shower Toilets, will save your preferences on your personal profile, meaning you only have to programme it once, to ensure a comfortable experience every time.

The New Grohe Spalet

The New Grohe Spalet

GROHE Sustainability

A prime example of GROHE dedication to sustainability, is The Edge office building in the Netherlands, where reducing the use of plastic was the focus when working with the architects and designers. GROHE Blue taps were installed to help workers reduce their need to bring in plastic water bottles to keep hydrated while at work. The GROHE Blue tap delivers both still and carbonated water, so instead of bringing in their own water bottle, employees can be environmentally-friendly, by simply filling their glass with fresh filtered tap water, as well as health conscious and remaining hydrated throughout the day.


GROHE’s products are innovative and exciting, with exceptional performance, perfect for high end refurbishment projects or new build developments. Concept’s in house design team will design your project with these stunning products, that will make your house stand out in terms of quality, luxury and sustainability.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.