A Luxurious Bespoke Bathroom to Warm You Through the Winter

Winter is fast approaching but the dark mornings and evenings needn’t put you into a dark mood when you have a luxurious bathroom to give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and provide a relaxing sanctuary when you get home from work.

luxurious bathroom blue lights

A bespoke bathroom, designed with your specific needs in mind, can be a wonderful way to get you through the long winter and allow you to enjoy a moment of luxury every day. If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom, here are a few ideas on making it a warming retreat through those chilly months:

An invigorating shower experience: Wake up with a massage from an energising power shower and get yourself ready for the day. No one wants to leave their nice warm bed on cold winter mornings but when you have a revitalising luxury shower to step into, you may find it just a little bit easier to get up!

A bath to relax in: Make your bath the centrepiece of your bathroom and opt for a spacious free-standing feature bath, that will offer the perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day. With the addition of massage jets, bespoke lighting and audio-visual technology, you may never want to leave…

grohe digital shower

Set the mood with festive lighting: Channel the magic of winter with low lighting, candles and underwater mood lights – create your very own winter wonderland in your bathroom. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your bath or an oil burner and enjoy a full sensory experience.

Choose the right materials: Natural tiles and warming wood help to make your bathroom feel welcoming and comforting. And don’t forget sumptuous towels and bathrobes for cuddling up in afterwards.

leather clad bath

Keep warm! Under-floor heating is an economical and effective method of keeping your bespoke bathroom warm, whatever the weather. There’s nothing worse than cold tiles underfoot, so make sure your bathing experience is always relaxing, even in the depths of winter.

For help creating your perfect luxury winter bathroom visit www.conceptvirtualdesign.com.

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Choose a Feature Shower for a Luxury Bathroom

feature shower

Feature showers are at the forefront of modern bathroom design, providing an architectural focal point for a luxury showering space that is a joy to use. There’s no need to tuck your shower away in the corner of your bathroom, especially if you are spending time and money to create a luxury bathing space or spa bathroom.

Feature showers work well in open-plan bathrooms, or can stand alone in a shower room or wet room. You can choose to highlight your feature shower with tiling, integrated storage and shelving, panels, lighting, flooring and a range of beautiful shower fixtures. By placing your shower in a bold or central position in your bathroom you will allow for easy access and a spacious showering area. With a feature shower you are not constrained to a small, awkward corner enclosure – stretch out and enjoy the space of a single panel shower area, or a circular, C-shape or S-shape shower!

luxury feature shower

One of the most exciting aspects of a feature shower is the opportunity to truly spoil yourself with an exhilarating showering experience, from spa jets to a ‘monsoon’ shower, built-in seating to bespoke lighting. Switch from hot to cold with clever thermostatically controlled water to find your perfect temperature, and add mood lighting to bring an atmosphere of relaxation to your shower. Some feature showers even provide rejuvenating massage therapy with 360-degree water jets to ease tired muscles at the end of the day or start your morning with a blast of energy.

The options for feature showers are endless – find the right solution for your perfect shower by combining the practical with the aesthetic. For help planning your feature shower, spa bathroom, or wet room, Concept Virtual Design has everything you need.

Bathroom Planning – Making the Best Use of Your Space

luxury bathroom

When you’re planning a luxury bathroom it’s important to make the best use of the space available to maximise natural light and bring functionality and a special aesthetic quality to your bathroom. Sometimes it’s worth thinking outside the box in terms of traditional bathroom layout so that you can create a unique and easy-to-use room that suits your requirements, or those of your client, exactly.

Too often bathrooms are relegated to small and awkward areas of the house, despite the bathroom being a room we spend plenty of time in every day. But perhaps we’d spend more time luxuriating and relaxing in our bathrooms if they were better thought-out and more of a joy to be in! When it comes to remodelling your bathroom or designing a new build, you have the chance to change your bathroom design to create a totally new space. This is where Concept Virtual Design’s passion for design comes in – every time we help a client to plan a bathroom we ensure that the best possible configuration is chosen for the space available. Choose from a stunning array of designer and luxury fixtures and fittings to make your shower room, wet room or bathroom a pleasure to spend time in.

space saving bathroom

Perhaps your bathroom is situated under a sloping roof, or has a difficult shape, or isn’t benefiting from enough natural light. There are ways to work around each issue to optimise the light, space and comfort of any bathroom, such as:

  • Using reflective or transparent surfaces to allow as much light as possible to fill the room.
  • Installing a skylight or sun tubes to a windowless room.
  • Incorporating bespoke storage into an odd-shaped room.
  • Placing the bath under sloped walls to maximise on space.
  • Adding a shower over a bath if you don’t have room for a separate shower.
  • Adding integrated and free-floating fixtures to give the illusion of more floor space.
  • Choosing tiles that help to give the appearance of a wider room or taller ceiling.

At Concept Virtual Design we work with you from the very first stages of your design and planning, and with our 3D virtual setting out service, you can be assured of finding the ideal luxury bathroom solution for your space.

Luxury Bathroom Design with GROHE

Luxury Bathroom Design with GROHE

Concept Virtual Design works with some of the top names in luxury bathroom design, such as GROHE, catering to new builds, refurbishments, developers and private clients in Berkshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire who require the very best in high quality, beautiful bathing products.

Modern living has brought the bathroom to the forefront of luxury design – our clients want personalised aesthetics, professional installation and stunning, reliable products with a long life.

GROHE ticks all those boxes, and we are able to provide a fantastic variety of GROHE products, including the new GROHE Allure Brilliant range. These angular, square-edged faucets and mixers add a modernistic and understated element to your luxury bathroom design, incorporating up to date technology with ease-of-use.

A bathroom is a sanctuary, and should function perfectly, whatever the requirement – whether it’s a quick shower before work or a long relaxing bath to ease out the stresses of the day; a chaotic family bathroom or a high-end specification – GROHE has the products to suit, and Concept Virtual Design has the expertise to realise your vision.

GROHE Allure Brilliant

GROHE Allure BrilliantGROHE Allure Brilliant is a stunning new range of faucets, mixers and thermostats which will transform your luxury bathroom into a modern, sleek work of art.

With GROHE’s years of experience behind the streamline design, the Allure Brilliant range provides a perfectly-cut, angular aesthetic, with advanced Grohe technologies to ensure your bathing experience is second to none.

“Complex without being complicated, faceted faucets add a new dimension to bathroom design, and a new dimension to water.”

GROHE Allure Brilliant includes basin mixers, bath and shower thermostats and mixers, and bidet faucets, all created with crisp lines and beautiful precision. All these handcrafted products include GROHE’s Invisible Fastening System for seamless incorporation into your bathroom design. They are also endowed with GROHE’s top range of technologies, such as CoolTouch – to ensure all surfaces are safe to touch to avoid scalding, and TurboStat – allowing your shower to reach the desired temperature in a fraction of a second and adjust to changes in water pressure twice as fast as before.

Choose GROHE Allure Brilliant for a contemporary, chic bathroom design.

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