Creative Tile Finishes

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways can be elevated to an opulent level through the use of high end tile finishes. Timeless style can be added to a home through careful design, while Concept’s in house design team will work with you to create and define your preferred style and colour schemes. We are an architectural bathroom design company and our bespoke service is a combination of a bathroom specialist, an interior designer and architectural enhancer, allowing us to have an in depth knowledge of layouts, latest timeless trends and new products that would suit certain projects.

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Our in house design team will layer your project, designing and colour coordinating your bathrooms or statement floor area, calibrating tile joints and the best setting out positions as part of our creative design service, once appointed to work on your project. Concept’s extensive collective knowledge of the latest tile ranges means we can combine our design skills, experience and latest trends to create and supply beautiful bespoke plans for truly sumptuous high end finishes.

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Our luxury bathroom design team specialise in the art of design and will create fantastic bathrooms and stunning flooring projects, inspired with light and attention to detail. We can start from early on in the process in new builds or luxury private client projects, advising on layouts to optimise the aesthetics and function of the space.

High End Bathroom Fittings For Luxury Projects

Attention to detail is an essential part of high end design and one we take particular pride in at Concept Virtual Design. Luxury fittings and fixtures are carefully and meticulously worked into our plans for decadent bathrooms that really make a statement within a home. Concept’s in house design team will think outside the box to bring a touch of opulence – taps can be functional and a work of art, for example.

Concept have a vast knowledge of the market and the latest products and ranges that can transform a high end new build or luxury private client project into a timeless space that oozes opulence and class. The perfect take on modern luxury can be embodied in sophisticated fittings that combines aesthetic and functionality in reflective creativity. These exclusive high end ranges offer intricate, exceptional designs where pure talent has been poured into the creation of careful angles, harmonious lines and exquisite materials. Beauty can be found in everyday objects and in everyday routines.

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Exquisite fixtures and fittings from the latest product ranges from the market are extensively researched and added to Concept’s designs, providing an elegant range of options that will elevate statement bathrooms. If brought on board to a project from an early stage, advice can be given on the positioning of doors and walls to allow for the perfect optimisation of the space. This means we can perfectly design a bathroom to flow beautifully within the space, working both practically and aesthetically.