Artelinea’s Eye Catching Aesthetics

The latest ranges from Artelinea bring together a real focus on the versatility of combinations and the success of challenging the standard, pushing the boundaries in functionality and beauty, to offer a new, fresh perspective on modern possibilities.

In the new +Skin range, Artelinea have combined several materials in a single piece to create a functional vanity unit that brings a bathroom to life through its glorious use of alternating textiles. Artelinea utilises materials such as glass, mirror, decorative porcelain and prints to lend sophistication and a real stylish opulence to the space. Stylish prints breathe a soft elegance into bathroom routines, adding a decadent feel to those every day tasks.

Artelinea’s Plissé collection redefines traditional concepts through deliberate, precise shapes entirely made out of glass, promoting the metal detail to bring a glorious depth and detailing to the design. These vanity units exude a truly elegant style, with bold designs that brings an enlightened feeling to the room. These freestanding units create a gentle functioning focal point to the space with becoming overbearing or too dominating.

Simplicity born of vintage lines and functioning aesthetics give Artelinea’s new T-60 range its charm and addictive style. Using the decadently exuberant mix of glass and metal means the collection carries both character and expressive beauty. The striking simplicity offers a raw yet understated functionality to these pieces, which so beautifully combine materials and linear design to captivate the eyes.

Concept Virtual Design’s talented in-house design team are passionate about creating decadent, luxury bathrooms for private client projects and high quality refurbishments. We source the latest technology, textiles and trends to bring timeless opulent designs into reality, our skill is our vision and our art of design pulling your look together.

Luxury Bathroom Decor Finishes

Luxury mosaic accent walls

Bring a true splash of luxury and beauty to your bathroom by using breathtaking glass mosaic tiles to create an accent feature wall. Creating an accent wall can draw the eye to a certain feature of a room or away from a feature should you desire, they are a truly versatile medium and a great addition to any luxury development. Using mosaic glass tiles as a luxurious embellishment to your room can add a unique detail to any high-end bathroom, use a bold design to stand out or promote relaxation and peace with a more toned down design, the choices are endless.

Luxury mosaic accent walls

Mosaics are a classic way to add luxury to any bathroom and with today’s materials and designs, you can create a modern twist on this classic luxury and create designs to tie together your room.

An accent wall can be used to balance the classic and the modern elements of a bathroom, using the classical nature of the mosaic and adding a more modern design to your accent wall can make a room feel more harmonious in its style.

At concept we work with top quality interior designers and creative brands, in order that you can be assured of a luxurious finish to your private client project or luxury development, using glass decors intricately create stunning visual walls and feature vanity furniture cabinets and can bring an aura of grandeur and style to any bathroom.

Luxury mosaic accent walls

Accent walls that are created using glass mosaic tiles or glass slab finishes are the perfect way to add style and impact to any private client or luxury development, if you would like to know more about how we can incorporate specialist finishes into your bathroom project, please contact our design team or visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio. Our in-house design team are available for consultations by appointment and are usually bought in at an early stage often before any of the building or refurbishment works have started.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.