Creative Tile Finishes

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways can be elevated to an opulent level through the use of high end tile finishes. Timeless style can be added to a home through careful design, while Concept’s in house design team will work with you to create and define your preferred style and colour schemes. We are an architectural bathroom design company and our bespoke service is a combination of a bathroom specialist, an interior designer and architectural enhancer, allowing us to have an in depth knowledge of layouts, latest timeless trends and new products that would suit certain projects.

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Our in house design team will layer your project, designing and colour coordinating your bathrooms or statement floor area, calibrating tile joints and the best setting out positions as part of our creative design service, once appointed to work on your project. Concept’s extensive collective knowledge of the latest tile ranges means we can combine our design skills, experience and latest trends to create and supply beautiful bespoke plans for truly sumptuous high end finishes.

Luxury bathrooms and statement hallways

Our luxury bathroom design team specialise in the art of design and will create fantastic bathrooms and stunning flooring projects, inspired with light and attention to detail. We can start from early on in the process in new builds or luxury private client projects, advising on layouts to optimise the aesthetics and function of the space.

Luxury Bathroom Tiling Designer

High End Tile Finishes

Within any bathroom or wellness room, the choice of tile can often be the making or breaking point of the bathroom design, they can tie together all of the elements within a room or can cause a problematic break to the flow of the design, if not coordinated properly. Porcelain and Stone tiles can be used on a multitude of surfaces within luxury bathroom projects and can impose an element of colour or blend harmoniously within the rooms colour scheme ; our design team can help you find the perfect bathroom style and we are experts at advising on tile colour coordination, paint colours and creative bathroom lighting solutions.

High End Tile Finishes

Using strong but subtle colour tones, is an elegant and simple way to add to the ambience of a master ensuite project or perhaps a wellness steam room area . Tiles or Decor Tiles can be used as a single injection of colour or you can combine them with other focal points of colour coordination throughout a high-end project to create a harmonious colour palette.

If strong colour is not your vision why not consider using more natural toned tiles with perhaps a texture or a unique shape to bring your room to life. Natural tiles can add a timeless element to your bathroom or wellness project, drawing attention to the features of the room while still contributing to the overall aesthetic without being overpowering. To help you find the perfect match, we offer an “Architectural Bathroom Project A3 Colour Virtual Design and Specification Service”,where our dedicated in house design team work with luxury developments or private client refurbishment projects, where a builder and architect is typically involved at an early stage.

High End Tile Finishes

Concepts truly creative in-house design team are available for consultations to discuss your project by appointment . The best bathroom design projects are ones where we are brought in at the start of an architectural design or building process to ensure that the correct space and specification is created and optimised from day one.  To find out more about how our in-house design team can help enhance your project, please contact us and arrange to visit our specialist bathroom and tiles studio.

High End Tile Finishes

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

New Tile Finishes For 2017

Amb Gilded Loft Negro

Whether you’re after tiles for a feature wall or want to create a truly decadent flooring piece, Concept can help you find the perfect product to achieve a beautiful finish to your home.

Amb Collage Smoke Hipster Metal Smoke copia

We can incorporate the latest statement tile finishes for 2017 into your luxury new build development or complete high-end renovation of a bathroom project, for example, creating contemporary and timeless looks that soothe the soul after a long day or add a rejuvenating feel to refresh you in the mornings.

Tiles with natural hues, such as “Hipster Smoke” and “Hipster Metal”, can bring warmth via their greige and grey tones with hints of rust and stone textures. Metallic and glass effect tiles truly add a decadent touch to any room, bringing the space to life and making it a joy to be in.

Amb Secrets Hipster Smoke

Concept’s in-house design team will work with you to design the very latest textures and finishes, to bring a luxurious feel to your house. Our extensive range of high-end tiles gives you a huge selection of materials, finishes and colours that will take your new build luxury development or luxury refurbishment to the highest level in both quality and style.