Luxury Shower Room Design in Beaconsfield

At Concept Virtual Design we are experts in luxury shower room design, offering bespoke interior design and setting out services to customers in Beaconsfield and the surrounding area.

GROHE spa F digital deluxe shower

We believe a shower room or wet room shouldn’t just be a functional space – luxury design means creating a bathing space that is a joy to be in, incorporating high quality fixtures, mood lighting, tactile materials and stunning design elements to provide you with a refreshing and relaxing showering experience.

Shower rooms and wet rooms are the ideal addition to any home, providing a valuable showering area that can be constructed in any area of your house – as an en-suite, adjacent to an existing master bathroom, in attic spaces or lower floors. Wet rooms and shower rooms can add value to your home as well as offering a luxurious bathing space, especially when fitted with massage jets or high-end shower fixtures like the Grohe Spa F-digital Delux controller.

The F-digital Deluxe ambient controller allows you to adjust and customise your shower to stimulate the senses, including controls for lighting, sound and steam. Using audio-therapy, chromo-therapy and steam-therapy, GROHE’s new digital shower control transforms your daily bathing routine into an invigorating and detoxifying experience. ‘Steer’ light, sound and steam within your shower area to listen to your favourite tunes, dim and change the colour of your lighting, and add steam for extra relaxation and purification. The GROHE Spa F-Digital Delux controller can be combined with GROHE’s Allure faucet range and Grohtherm F metal architectural water controls to suit your individual design aesthetic.

Concept Virtual Design works closely with GROHE products and technologies to provide the best quality bathroom supplies to our Beaconsfield customers and clients. To discuss your shower room or wet room plans please contact us at

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.

Choose a Feature Shower for a Luxury Bathroom

feature shower

Feature showers are at the forefront of modern bathroom design, providing an architectural focal point for a luxury showering space that is a joy to use. There’s no need to tuck your shower away in the corner of your bathroom, especially if you are spending time and money to create a luxury bathing space or spa bathroom.

Feature showers work well in open-plan bathrooms, or can stand alone in a shower room or wet room. You can choose to highlight your feature shower with tiling, integrated storage and shelving, panels, lighting, flooring and a range of beautiful shower fixtures. By placing your shower in a bold or central position in your bathroom you will allow for easy access and a spacious showering area. With a feature shower you are not constrained to a small, awkward corner enclosure – stretch out and enjoy the space of a single panel shower area, or a circular, C-shape or S-shape shower!

luxury feature shower

One of the most exciting aspects of a feature shower is the opportunity to truly spoil yourself with an exhilarating showering experience, from spa jets to a ‘monsoon’ shower, built-in seating to bespoke lighting. Switch from hot to cold with clever thermostatically controlled water to find your perfect temperature, and add mood lighting to bring an atmosphere of relaxation to your shower. Some feature showers even provide rejuvenating massage therapy with 360-degree water jets to ease tired muscles at the end of the day or start your morning with a blast of energy.

The options for feature showers are endless – find the right solution for your perfect shower by combining the practical with the aesthetic. For help planning your feature shower, spa bathroom, or wet room, Concept Virtual Design has everything you need.

Add Interest and Texture with Luxury Bathroom Tiling

Memoire Ocean Bathroom Tiles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a large proportion of your bathroom design is taken up by the walls and the floor. Choosing tiles for a luxury bathroom is just as big a decision as your choice of bath or shower – the style, size, colour, and texture of your tiles will determine the atmosphere, brightness and overall look of your room. But there’s no need to be restricted to plain square tiles! There is a huge range of beautiful bathroom tiling available, from ceramic to natural stone, in an array of tints and tones and finishes that will make your luxury bathroom or shower room stand out from the rest and add an element of exclusivity.

Memoire Ocean Bathroom Tiles

These amazing Memoire Ocean tiles by Villeroy & Boch do just that, providing a stunning backdrop to any bathing area and allowing for a relaxing and fascinating reflection of light with their swirling metallic surface. Statement tiles like these are ideal for creating a focal point, for example: behind a free-standing bath, to highlight an alcove, or inside a shower area.

Luxury spa bathroom tiling

Natural stone tiles or Porcelain tiles, are another great option for a spa-style bathroom and help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These tiles provide wonderful texture with natural inconsistencies in colour and surface, adding a tactile element to your bathing experience.

Let us help you find the right tiling for your bathroom, spa, shower room, steam room or wet room. Concept Virtual Design’s free setting out service and A3 colour interior design will allow you to visualise your luxury bathroom in detail, and ensure that project management runs smoothly and seamlessly. Get in touch to find out more about our range of luxury bathroom products and fixtures for your development, refurbishment or new build.

Luxury Spa Bathrooms – Lighting to Set the Mood

The luxury of a massaging spa bath has never been more inviting with the latest spa baths, complete with relaxing lighting options that really help to set the mood.

spa bath lighting squaro whirlpool

Squaro whirlpool spa bath in blue and violet

Incorporating lighting and spa facilities into your bath means that you are able to enjoy the gentle rejuvenating effects of a water jet massage as well as controlling the lighting of your bathroom without having to leave the water!

Jet baths, spa baths and whirlpool baths form the centrepiece of your bathroom design, transforming any bathroom or wetroom into the perfect retreat – your very own home spa. There are plenty of options, products and designs to choose from when looking for spa baths and bathroom lighting, with something to suit every requirement, no matter the size of your room.

For developers, adding a spa bathroom into a new build or refurbishment can also add significant value to a property, adding an element of exclusivity and luxury to your development.

Jacuzzi baths and jet baths use massaging jets to ease away aches and pains while you bathe, and whirlpool baths use water jets to provide a firmer massage without any bubbles. And incorporating bespoke lighting into the design of your bathroom helps to create the right atmosphere for relaxation,  allowing a greater flexibility for the day-to-day use of the room. For a true space of sanctuary, a luxury bathroom needs to be able to provide calming lighting options that complement the products you have chosen.

Luxury spa bath

To find out more about designing a luxury bathroom using lighting and spa bath products from Concept Virtual Design, please get in touch with us at or by calling 01628 777122.