Building your own Grand Design – let us help with a grand bespoke bathroom

If you’re in the early stages of designing your own new build home or grand design in the Surrey, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire area then Concept Virtual Design can help. We offer a range of virtual design services for your stunning new home. From luxury bathrooms, wet rooms, bedroom and studies we can work with you and your architect from the very beginning of the design process.

Our vast experience and high knowledge in exclusive and luxurious design means that together we can fulfill all your needs, requirements and vision to achieving the most exquisite and luxurious haven in your new house. We work with you from the start of your project drawing up and creating an exact and highly detailed 3D plan for all to follow. The setting out service provides you with the opportunity of selecting from a wide range of the highest quality sanitary ware, brass ware, tiles and furniture. We will create the perfect configuration working out the best positioning for doorways, lighting and the placements of pipework and fixtures. All of your trades will receive a copy of this which results in expensive errors and issues being avoided.

For the most stunning interior for your grand luxury design in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Surrey contact Concept Virtual Design.

Luxury Steam Rooms by Concept

A steam room is the perfect sanctuary for relaxing and alleviating stress. Throughout history and over thousands of years many people have been using steam rooms for their various health benefits. Regular steam baths have been proven to help ease muscle tension, alter moods, cure and prevent flu and cold symptoms and clear the sinuses. Some believe that they also help increase your metabolism, improve your skins complexion and help reduce sports injury pain.

Concept Virtual Design can bring your dream of having a luxury steam room into your own home, establishment or environment a reality. We have fulfilled many clients visions in the Berkshire, Bucks and Surrey areas, from luxury house builders to refurbishment specialists, development contractors to individual clients. For the highest quality architectural luxury steam room design service from start to finish choose Concept Virtual Design.

Our 3D virtual design and setting out service will assist you every step of the way. From choosing the right steam generator, to the perfect floor, wall and seating tiles, to the harmonious mood lighting.  Concept’s highly detailed plans, also helps architects, project managers and tradesmen to envision the final design in the exact finished detail.

A steam room is a fantastic asset to any home or ludevelopment property. Let Concept Virtual Design help you visualise your perfect luxury steam room and transform your ideas into the real thing.