Designer Tiles for New Developments

Designer tiles needn’t be restricted to bathrooms and shower rooms. Beautiful interior design is about finding the right aesthetic for every room, and designer tiling can be applied to a great variety of locations, from headboards to dividing walls, stairs to mantelpieces. This style of luxury interior design is perfect for new developments, as you are able to work with a blank canvas to create exactly the look you’re after. Designer tiles can elevate a new development into a unique and luxurious space that will entice clients to make themselves at home.

designer bedroom tiling

This stunning use of tiling creates a subtle textured headboard for a bespoke bedroom, making use of the reflective detail in the tiles to bring interest and light to an intimate space. Tiles can be used for bedrooms in many ways, including linking flooring into an en-suite or walk-in wardrobe, embellishing storage areas or providing a feature wall.

Designer tiles can be used to great effect in exclusive public spaces too, such as the chic spa changing room below. The designer tiling here has been used to highlight a dividing wall as well as giving interest to walls and providing a clean and functional floor. Intelligent lighting design has also been used to create an open and inviting atmosphere. This seamless look is so simple but is a fantastic example of effective use of designer tiling.

designer bathroom tiles

For more information about using designer tiling for your new development, or for any aspect of luxury interior design, get in touch with us at Concept Virtual Design.

Designer Tiling for Luxury Development Interior Design

designer tiling for luxury developments

Luxury developments can create a sense of exclusivity with interior design – a coherence that moves from room to room. A simple, practical and elegant way to achieve this is by using designer tiling.

Designer tiles can be used to create a flow from one room to another, whether they are placed on the floor, walls, or used to provide interest or highlight feature areas. A popular choice for this method is to coordinate an en suite with an adjoining walk-in wardrobe or dressing room. Since these rooms will be positioned next to or close by one another, incorporating designer tiling into the décor can bring a chic and seamless look to your interior design.

Similarly, bathrooms, wet rooms, shower areas and steam rooms can all be coordinated using matching or complementary designer tiles. These can be incorporated into dividing walls, flooring, built-in storage areas, and feature walls. Luxury spa developments can also make great use of coordinating designer tiles to turn communal areas and treatment rooms into spaces that reflect the brand and atmosphere of the business.

designer tiling for luxury developments

You can even use designer tiling to match rooms that aren’t adjacent to each other, bringing a sense of your bedroom style into your en suite, or coordinating your kitchen with your bathroom.

Other methods of creating a ‘flow’ between different rooms include lighting, storage, fixtures and soft furnishings. Our setting out and interior design service will help you to make decisions on all aspects of your luxury development, from the positioning of wall switches to the style of designer tile you choose for  your bathroom floor. Get in touch to find out how our A3 colour design service can streamline your development schedule and coordinate every room for a stunning and coherent design aesthetic.