admin on June 7, 2019

Concept works with high end suppliers such as TOTO, who seamlessly integrate aesthetics while not compromising on functionality and the latest use of technology. Their products aim to promote and improve everyday wellbeing, revolutionising routines and daily rituals to fulfill the demand for increasingly sophisticated bathroom experiences at home.

TOTO’s signature product, the Washlet, has changed the future of WCs through massively improved hygiene advancements, including a warm water cleansing feature and recent developments in air purification and other automatic functions. The integrated bidet functions offer comfortable cleansing, with adjustable warm water jets, a warm air dryer and a heated seat.

Concept work with exceptional products such as these to take a bathroom out of the ordinary to something that elevates your quality of life and turns everyday tasks into a pleasure. Our in house design team work on private client projects, high end renovations and luxury new developments to bring opulence and style into a room that oozes decadence in perfect harmony with functionality.

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