Walk in Shower Design

Open Plan Bathroom

Maybe you’ve been planning to refurbish your bathrooms for a while, but it kept getting forgotten about in favour of more pressing matters. By now, it’s reached the point where you really have to accept that your bathrooms are outdated and they need to be modernised. There are several simple ways you can do this – but where do you start?

Sloped Shower Doors

You really need to know how much space you have to work with and one way to make your bathroom seem more spacious is the use of frame-less glass walk in panels, dividers and doors .  At Concept Virtual Design, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of made to measure glass screens that are modern, elegant, and durable, usually with very subtle frames or no frames at all, perfect for new developments or hi-end bathroom refurbishment. Having a glass divider rather than the opaque surface of a shower curtain creates the illusion of more space .

Our anti plaque shower screens and glass dividers also lower the likelihood of stubborn mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust, and so are perfect for high-end new developments and refurbishments, that always need to look immaculate. Our anti plaque glass screens are easy to clean and maintain, meaning your bathroom can always look its best.

Toto Room Set with HSK Shower Glass Doors

For a second floor location or loft conversation, a sloped glass enclosure for your shower – especially for a smaller en-suite bathroom, can create extra the feeling of extra space.  Concept Virtual Design can provide you with made-to-measure sloped shower panels and doors, helping you maximise the available space and giving you more flexibility with how you can create the best layout of your luxurious new bathroom.

Whether you’re planning a luxury refurbishment or a brand-new development, Concept Virtual Design will make the space work for you, helping to achieve the most sophisticated and spacious design for your project.

Porcelain Marble Tiles

Marble Porcelain Bathroom Pic

Historically architects favored the use of marble for their stunning creations, and as such marble became a cultural symbol of elegance, tradition, prosperity and refined taste. Nowadays, the variety of colours and patterns that marble provides make it a firm favorite for decorating and refurbishment – but it can be costly, and difficult to install. Luckily, Concept Virtual Design has the perfect solution.

Our new porcelain “marble effect tiles”, are a revolution in decorating walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and other commercial and domestic projects. At just 4.8mm thick, the tiles are sustainable, they are less than half the weight and thickness of conventional tiles, and with available sizes of 1200x600mm and 1800x900mm, they allow faster coverage and fewer grout lines.

While the tiles are much thinner, that doesn’t mean they compromise on strength and durability – when subjected to standard tests, they proved to be nearly twice as strong as standard porcelain tiles! There’s no need to worry about arduous repetitive cleaning either; they have ultra-low water absorption, meaning they resist dirt stay clean for longer, so you can maintain a beautifully elegant tiled surface.

Our tiles also come with impressive ecological credentials and are kind to the environment; compared to standard ceramic production, they use 60% less mineral resources, produce 50% less carbon and other solid emissions and use 40% less energy. This makes a significant contribution to sustainable design, giving you peace of mind!

Marble Porcelain Living Room Pic

The tiles are available in a variety of styles, with reproductions of gorgeous white carrara marble, as well naturals, metallic bronze, and even photo-printed tiles so you can create a unique display of your favorite images. All the tiles can be easily cut and shaped to meet your needs, so whether you’re planning to re-tile a ground floor area or bathroom area, you can create exactly what you’re looking for.

The Concept Virtual Design showroom is well worth a visit, as we have a dedicated tile studio with the very latest styles and colours on display.