Making Beauty Sustainable – Vasco’s range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly radiators

Concept Virtual Design on January 28, 2015

Arche-bad-grey-blue - Vasco's eco-friendly radiators

At Concept, we encourage and fully support a client’s wishes to make their new build more sustainable and eco-friendly. There’s no reason why your stylish new build can’t be both luxurious and “green”, especially with Vasco’s range of beautifully designed, eco-friendly radiators.


Vasco’s products are all created out of 100% recycled aluminium, rather than using up new resources. They combine stunning, unique looks with energy-saving design to make a luxurious combination of aesthetics and function, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability for style. The products integrate highly sophisticated technology to deliver an efficient, yet effective heat delivery.

There are so many subtle ways to make sure that new houses are sustainably built and eco-conscious, whilst not sacrificing style and a luxurious finish. Let Concept help visualise  your space into a luxuriously styled room that helps promote sustainability – call our design team today .


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