Latest Aurajet shower – A different dimension

Stepping into an Aurajet shower is like stepping into a unique encounter with nature in a totally different dimension. Let your imagination run riot, whether to cool mountain streams or plunging through crystal clear waves, diamond droplets of spray splashing in your face….your shower can take you to another world of sensual luxury!

The Aurajet shower takes you back to nature, back to basics and gives a fresh interpretation of what showering in a modern luxury bathroom really means. No longer a Spartan endurance…. but rather a heaven sent, warm, all-encompassing rain to redress the balance of relaxation and refreshing energy.

Latest Aurajet shower

Deeply cleansing, whilst invigorating and energising, the shower can deliver 20% more force than an ordinary shower. Practically speaking, twice as much skin contact is delivered by individual jets of water concealed in the intriguingly and beautifully designed halo-shaped handset, enabling you to feel a more profound sense of cleansing, and a deeper level of relaxation.

As you would expect of a shower of this high quality and standard, it is lead and heavy metal free, which preserves water quality fit for consumption or cleansing.

Aurajet Shower - spray

By submitting yourself to the extravagantly intense shower of water droplets you are aware of a different style, a different experience….indeed, a unique, almost heavenly experience which is found in no other shower, designed for sustainable new developments of quality and luxury. Aesthetics are given a new expression, designed for any person of discernment and taste.

Innovation and practicality combine to deliver a shower of beguiling simplicity and extravagant sensuality whilst divinely inspired and superbly designed.

Concept Virtual Design have been given a 10/10 best showroom rating by independent reviewers from Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine.